Rejoinder; Dela Coffie And FONKAR!!!


Rejoinder; Dela Coffie And FONKAR!!!

Over the past few days, I have heard and read some misguided elements claiming to be members of FONKAR, ascribing all sorts of propagandists’ motives to my quest of seeing the NDC succeed irrespective of my FONKAR membership.

Some of them are all over the place, redefining the founding principles of FONKAR in their own terms, and in the process denigrating the very foundation and legacy we seek to protect. Others claim that I have been compromised by the Mills’ administration and the National security, and as such have betrayed the FONKAR agenda.

Much as I would want to contemptuously dismiss these monstrous allegations, I’ll quickly add that these machinations are motivated by sheer mischief and a vile agenda that is being smuggled into the FONKAR rank and file by people who have other interests rather than the NDC. And to say that I’ve been missing in action and does not take part in any activity of the group is so disingenuous to say the least, because I’m always in touch with the founder, Chairman and the entire executives of the group.

The claim that I’m working for the government and as such, it is an act of treachery is also quite bizarre. Since when did FONKAR become a political alternative to the NDC as a political party? Is FONKAR at war with the NDC?

The founding principles of FONKAR are to adhere, protect and defend the legacy of Chairman Rawlings. Many will agree with me that, the biggest legacy of Chairman Rawlings today is the NDC and if indeed, our agenda is to protect the legacy of Jerry Rawlings, who in his wildest dream will argue that advocating for the NDC is a betrayal of trust?

I made the point the other day that, the time has come for everyone in the NDC to put the election behind us and reaffirm our commitment to our principles so as to see the NDC as the bigger picture. Delegates at congress in Sunyani made a bold statement, and it is in line with our founding principles to defend the decision of congress with each strand of our faith and every fiber of our being at any given opportunity without fear or favour, irrespective of our membership of FONKAR and disagreement with the president.

As far as I’m concerned, FONKAR and the NDC are not diametrically opposed to each other and the bigger agenda of seeing the NDC succeed must remain our guiding principle. The NDC is my number one priority aside any other interest and we must remain one NDC in pursuits of unity, stability and development! I’ll continue to be loyal to the NDC irrespective of who is leading the party.

I’m committed to an unflinching advocacy for our great tradition and will contribute my quota in making Ghana a better place. Ghanaians know the NDC can do better and they want that choice. Ghana’s best days are yet to come and the NDC is our best bet.

Those who go around describing themselves as FONKAR members and at the same time working against the party’s chances of retaining power in 2012 are either delusional or too blind to realise what time it is. The elections are over and congress has spoken. We owe greater responsibility to the NDC and that is my focus at this particular moment.

I’m FONKAR, yet the NDC comes first. The NDC must always come first.

The NDC must come first because as bad as it may seem, it is the only tradition that has the capacity and the moral mandate to offer social justice to Ghanaians. One thing made some of us admire the NDC right from the start. It was simply due to its impeccable credentials. Take it or leave it, those of us who were associated with the party in one way or the other saw quite early that the party has the capacity to ride above divergent opinions and come out stronger.

The NDC comes first because it is the only political tradition, which we as members of FONKAR, are seeking to protect. If, therefore, you think you are FONKAR and yet you still have an agenda other than the NDC, you are indeed far gone with the wind.

If, however, you are not ready to place the NDC above any other interest, I’d suggest you count me out.

I will never work against the NDC. I’m a thoroughbred NDC. My overriding interest is to see the party succeed and I owe nobody any apology for advocating for the party. Anyone who thinks and behaves as if his petty inordinate interests override the greater interests of the party can go and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. It matters not whether that person is a party leader, ordinary member or FONKAR member.

I shall be back!!!

By: Dela Coffie

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