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Rejoinder: Epidemic of Coup d’etats – Ghana and Senegal Next

African Union (AU)
African Union (AU)

When people talk about “democratically elected government in Africa” I shrug my head in disbelieve.

Would you call Akufo-Addo’s stolen second term a demcracry? With all the massacres with impunity and no accountability? The same goes for Togo’s Eyadema and Nigeria’s Tinubu.

I guess as long as they serve their foreign Masters’ interesrs, it’s a democracy. Who gave Africa’s worst foreign enemies the authority to dictate what kind of government Africa should have? If they are men with real balls, they should demand from, and implement democracy for China.

Master thieves and Africa’s looters, working very sadly, in collaboration with its worst internal enemies to perpetuate impoverishment of the continent by their actions. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! #UNTEDAFRICANSTATESNOW

Bobby Quaquoo, A Freelance Journalist and African in the diaspora


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