Rejoinder: France Rightly Took A Strong Stance In Niger

Ecowas Map
Ecowas Map

Neither Macron nor any leader of any Western country has any right to pose his nose into African Affairs. They have never had any interest in Africa’s progress or development since they ever set foot on the continent. Rather everything they had done to date was to destroy the people amd profit gargantually from that destruction.

And each time it was to trick the leaders and made them kill their neighbours and capture the living that they took in exchange for gun powder, alcohol and fabrics. These went on for some 300 years! Just imagine the extent of devastation that caused the content. Yet that devastation was to their gargantual profits that built their nations and economies. When slavery was forced to end, they divided the continent(some peoples occupied lands) among themselves, occupied the best parts as colonialists and treated the people with iron feasts and murdered yet more millions, while looting their natural resources with wreckless abandon.


They contnued to build their nations and economies with these ill-gotten blood stained resources. When the sun set on colonialism, they morphed into neo-colonialists, imposing their form of governance structure on the continent with their so-called democracy, a system that enables them to continue their exploitative collonization perniciously in collaboration with the “winners’. Thus Western countries and African leaders are jointly WORST ENEMIES of the African continent and its peoples right from the beginning of the TRANSATLANTIC slave trade, one being external and the other internal enemies.

How do you expect your worst enemy to look after your interests? To buttress forever their inimical mindset towards the continent, they came up with the CHARTER OF IMPERIALISM, an extremely egregious and dehumanizing strategic plan to keep Africa as a cheap raw material base to build their economies and develop their countries while keeping Africa and Africans PERMANENTLY poor and marginalized. They vow to eliminate any African leader that resists them or destabilizes their countries and economies. And they have kept true to their pledge in that Charter to date.

They brutally killed leaders like Congo’s Lumumba, Togo’s Olympio, Libya’s Gadaffi, Burkina Faso’s Sankara, and caused coup d’etas against everal such as Ghana’s Nkrumah just to name a few. Each time and without exception they used Africa’s own people to kill fellow Africans or destroy their countries’ progress for their PROFIT. And they are about to do it again in Niger. The affected coutries have never recovered to date. In fact they have been thrown into socio-economic downward spirals, with their people, particularly the future leaders forced to seek refuge for greener pastures in these WORST ENEMY COUNTRIES, through perilous journeys. And to maintain their attitude towards the continent and its people, their hosts treat them as enemies that must be discarded, forgetting it is their own making.

Now this is the Macron this paper is referring to as taking the right stance against a coup in an African continent as s RIGHTEOUS stance? Who gave him and his fellow WORST ENEMIES of the continent the right to interfere with what is going on there, if not for the implemntation of the egregious Charter of Imperialism, using Africa’s own people to reck this outragiously criminal havoc on a continent of over one billion HUMAN BEINGS? And because the author is a direct beneficiary of these proceeds of crime against Africa and its billions of citizens, he feels right to call this repugnant genocidic agenda against Africa as righteous! Morality and ethics have been abandoned in these AFRICA’S WORST ENEMY SOCIETIES. And human rights have selective applications.

How does this Washington Examiner author justify France leeching of $500b annually from poor Africans to maintain their high living standards, high technological development, high healthcare and educaton, good roads and other infrastructure, modern weapons that they have been using against Africans just to guarantee their blood sucker behaviours? How does he justify that these poor African’s resources are being used to maintain the high standards of living of the French? What is righteous about locking up all juicy contrants in Ftench African countries to French citizens when these countries’ citizens don’t enjoy the same opportunities in France? What is righteous about forcing Africans to sign the ergregious CONTINUATION OF COLONIZATION AGREEMENT as a means of payng back France for colonizin them? Which of those African countries’ ancestors invited France to colonize them? He didn’t see it as a right stance when soldiers who are citizens of these countries are saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, they can’t allow this INJUSTICE to continue anymore, that if their elected leaders cannot fight for them but choose to be collaborators, they will STOP it, and after all they are trained to protect their countries from activities that destabilize them socio-economically?

The saddest part is that all those kakistocratic and kleptomaniac old dying and dead leaders care less about these notoriously repugnant genocidal behaviours of France, a single country that was able to block the implementation of the unified currency of a whole Regional Block of AFRICA… ECOWAS….. and are rather eager to help France maintain these perenial destructive behavious against their fellow Africans. All they care about is the status quo that help protect their stomachs and pockets, absolutely no concerns for the citizens that are being deprived by these criminal and dehumanizing behavours of France and its fellow WORST ENEMIES OF THE CONTINENT.

But all is not lost. If he and those so-called leaders of Africa cannot, Africa’s younger gegerations are waking up all across the continent, including within its security forces, for taking strong stance towards freeing the continent and establish a CONTINENTAL. CENTRAL GOVERNANCE AS #UNITEDAFRICANSTATES. And it has just started. The internal worst collaborators are preoccupied with measures that maintain the status quo that profits them and their fellow WORST EXTERNAL ENEMY collaborators. But the sun is setting on them with such rapidity they cannot escape it.



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