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REJOINDER: NDC Declares War On Western Togoland


We want NDC, the worst enemy of Western Togoland (WTL) liberation, and the ones behind the main arrests and long-term detentions without trial of WTL Freedom Fighters since September 2020, to bring on the war. Greedy idiotic looters and thieves who have taken advantage of the strong dislikes between Western Togolanders and Akans, to get their unqualified votes in exchange for NO DEVELOPMENT but poverty, think they will continue to prey on Western Togolanders forever. We are ready for them this time around. NDC is the reason WTL still remains a colony of the Gold Coast(Ghana)!

Our undercover investigations revealed that while Akufo-Addo government was ready to release the detainees and negotiate peaceful exit from Western Togoland, NDC threatened to use that against them as agents of Ghana’s destruction, and make it an election issue.

Akans understand they have stolen our nation, and hence we are not part of them. They have been ready and willing to return the stolen property, but NDC, the chief thieves, say NO. Extremely disgusting and humiliating to all oppressed Western Togolanders! The people enjoying the proceeds of the oppression want it to continue endlessly. Exactly the same way Africa colonial masters want the freedom to continue exploiting Africa forever in collaboration with its leaders and their political cronies. This time around Western Togolanders are saying NO, AND A BIG NO.

If NDC party wants to continue as a political party over Akans, it should seek its fortune in the Gold Coast Territories that became independent on March 6, 1957. They never included Western/British Togoland. From this year on, Western Togoland is a NO GO ZONE FOR POLITICAL PARTIES OF ANY KIND! MARK IT. You cannot see a shinning day light and be calling it night. That is devilish! Sixty-eight(68) years of our stolen independence that was approved by the UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION (UNO) is too long. Sixty-eight(68) years of forced colonization of a Black nation by another Black nation, Ghana, is too long. Sixty-eight(68) years of ILLEGAL OCCUPATION AND EXTREME

MARGINALIZATION is too long. We warn these greedy idiotically selfish politicians to leave our youth, the true future leaders of WTL, alone. They are the ones all of us the older ones are SACRIFICING FOR. We invite ALL wise political aspirants in WTL to join us build our new country. There is so much pride investing your talent, time and resources building what is your own, compared to labouring for somebody else’s. Our doors are open to you all.

Now to the content of this article. What a poor journalism! It is laden with so much falsehood and DISINFORMATION as well as MISINFORMATION. Which made me think it is Ghana government propaganda piece, or a paid NDC propaganda.

The September 25, 2020
demonstrations with road closings and burning of tyres was a peaceful one WITHOUT ARMS. Where things turned ugly was when the Aveyime police, in their characteristic colonial-style brainless African security mentality, opened fire on the UNARMED demonstrators, killing one and maiming others. That was when they summoned courage, squared off with them
and disarmed them. To protect themselves from further attacks, they invaded the stations in Aveyime and Mepe and seized their weapons and a vehicle. Put yourself in their shoes?

Would you act any differently, unless you are a coward? Similar senseless mass killing efforts by the same brrainless combined security forces took place at Battor Nyatikpo, Juapon, and Sogakofe, resulting in fatalities and permanent
dismemberment of some Freedom Fighters, with no fatality on the Ghana security side.

What is the crime of the FREEDOM FIGHTERS? The demand for the return of their ancestral nation…..a WHOLE NATION…..ARMED
signatory… be a criminal act? The burning of STC buses had absolutely nothing to do with the Freedom demonstrations of September 25, 2020. It was a devilish political action to label the Freedom Struggle as terrorist events to get public and international sympathy for the illegal arrests and detentions without trials as well as the brutalities against Western Togoland Freedom Fighters. Which political party did that? Your guess is as good as mine. I am embarrassed, as a journalist, that this Daily Guide narrative is coming from another journalist! What at all is happening to Ghanaian journalism, particularly those operating under Ghana’s Akufo-Addo? How did Gold Coast get its independence from Britain? By the people sitting down quietly? What about the African National Congress(ANC) of South Africa? The ANC was considered by most world countries profitting from apartheid as TERRORISTS and banned! Even Nkrumah was considered by the colonial master Britain as a terrorist and jailed for 3 years of which he spent 13 months before securing Gold Coast’s independence. Mandela of South Africa was in prison for over 27 years, before becoming the first Black President of that country!

To those who are benefiting from the oppression, Freedom Fighters are terrorists, because they fear for the loss of their bread and butter. But for those who are victims of the oppression, they are their BELOVED FREEDOM FIGHTERS!


Randy Sobo is a Freelance Journalist and Western Togoland Freedom Fighter in the Diaspora.

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