Rejoinder: Ref: Letter to Prez Akufo Addo


Every President has limitations of his powers and in leadership one has to evaluate the overall impact and influence on the people.

As President of Ghana Leadership Union, a leadership NGO organization, there is no way I would support one bad leader in Africa against the other! However issues must be taken in context to evaluate any leader in the first few months in nations like Ghana where chaos has reigned for decades despite praises by EU nations.

In a long published letter addressed as above to Prez. Akufo Addo ( May 29, 2017) the writer Martin Luther Obeng makes a good case for respect of human rights.
I wrote a response on our WhatsApp forum and share it here:

Look! Nobody condones violence but what’s all this rambling nonsense attack on Kennedy Agyapong!
I have never met Kennedy personally but where was this guy Martin Luther Obeng when Hon. Kennedy Agyapong was picked up by the Ghana Army in some used army vehicles for statements he was alleged to have made interpreted as calling for war!

If you don’t live in a nation of laws, why pretend!

We have a nation that has borrowed over $118 billion and of that $112-117 billion has been stolen and cannot be accounted for! Even the speaker ignores the Auditor Generals reports with specific mention of missing moneys that should very simply lead to the State prosecutors charging the offenders with crimes and sending them to prison!

People are dying in our hospitals and 97 out of every 1,000 birth don’t reach age of 5, for preventable malaria and other diseases! And that does not touch the conscience of this writer as violation of rights and the human conscience?

I shipped a small box that arrived today and my staff tells me they paid Ghs120 for 1 used cell phone I bought for $19 and other items perhaps total of say $40!

So we should work for government employees and executives as thieves to steal? That is not a Violation of our rights as human beings?

How dare this Martin Luther man talk about Human Rights when almost all elected officials in the last 40 or so years have chosen to rape the nation of Ghana and you expect the Judiciary to be used to try a case for you like civilized people do? Nooo!

And why should somebody appoint the town or city Mayor and all executives in Ghana?!

It is a jungle out there in Ghana in the last 40-50 years and the only luck we have is that Ghanaians are either respectful of or afraid to shed blood!

That is the main advantage we have over others like Liberia, Sierra Leone or Somailia! Even Rwanda after the genocide has picked itself up and doing far better than Ghana! Many testify that Rwanda is clean! It makes Ghana a mockery to even call our country a modern nation with open gutters breeding mosquitoes and causing diseases that kill more than 100,000 per year! 275 people die every day due to malaria!!

So please, let this man wipe his nose and go suck on some ice cream and sleep! I don’t think young men should be suppressed as being done with economic as well as their human rights to live in clean environments! So please let Dr. of Civil Rights come again! Others are watching!

We all want to live like modern nations! Give Nana some time!
Thank you and Long live Ghana!

Dr. K. Danso May 29, 2017

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