Release US$5 million stimulus package now – Companies tell government

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A beneficiary of the government promised of US$5 million stimulus package to selected local industries, Intravenous infusions limited, a pharmaceutical products manufacturer, has called on the government for the immediate release of the stimulus package to assist in its operations.

The company and others are yet to receive the support after a year of applying for the funding.

David Klutse, Managing Director the company, has said, the company is planning to extend their operations outside the shores of Ghana to other West African countries if it is able to have access to the stimulus package from government.

Some other businesses have also complained of the delay in releasing the stimulus package to support their operations.

Intravenous infusion limited is to benefit from at least US$5 million from the stimulus package promised by the current government to support local industries.

Mr Klutse has recounted that, the delay has rather slowed the planned expansion to be carried out by the company this year.

He wants the Ministry of Trade and Industry to expedite action to provide the support as soon as possible.

“We also want to seek additional funding which will help us equip the company with the equipment that we need. With this we can then increase our production capacity,” he stated.

The Trade Ministry recently announced that it has advanced about GHC141 million to some six companies.

Again, some twenty businesses were tipped to be provided with funding support by the Ministry.

The AGI for instance is yet to confirm the actual disbursements to its members though it is aware of some shortlisted members.

Meanwhile intravenous infusion is seeking that the government pays all outstanding debts to their respective district hospitals and regional medical stores.

This Mr. Klutse maintains will in turn lead to the payment of the outstanding GHC10 million debt.

“Government when they took office made efforts to clear majority of the debts especially in June of 2017…We were actually able to collect a lot of the debts but we are hoping to get the remainder paid, ” he added.

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