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Requesting Urgent Medical Assistance For a Dying Person

We all as individuals, are scheduled to die one day or the other as purposed by our Creator, God as Christians may call Him, Allah as Muslims know Him by, and “Oyankropon Kwame Twereduapon” as by the Akans.
However, to die a slow but very painful death, stuck in bed, with body swelling by the day, scrotum overblowing to the size of a mini-football, unable to urinate for weeks, unable to eat, with death staring you in the face, but not yet dead, and death dithering to carry you away in his palanquin, is really an excruciating long wait to join the land of the dead.
Again, it is sad, when the last straw that broke the camel’s back, in this specific situation, happens to be the deprivation of needed medical care even though you desperately yearn for it.
This is the sad situation of one Mr Yaw B…… of Kumawu Ashanti. In tears, I understand, he has thanked his mum and bade her farewell for showing him great motherly love, cleaning him (he cannot be bathed) up when he urinates and defecates on himself. He cannot as at writing, lie on bed but has spasmodic painful sleeps while kneeling on pillows, facing the bed with the head resting on the edge of the bed.
I think I should not discuss or reveal further details about this dying man of about fifty seven years. It is not to demean him that I put out this write-up in the public domain but rather to seek help for him. However, the medical assistance I seek, in the view of man, is too late to be of any use. Although there is still a little breath in him, he is a goner. He is a living dead. I am not sure he can be saved unless a TRUE MIRACLE from GOD happens. He has given up hope. His soul has given up any essence of living, only waiting for the body to succumb to death. If it was not so, he would not have thanked his mum and bade her good-bye saying, his end is overdue depending on how he feels within his entire body.
My hands are tied. His family has not given me the permission to solicit help on his behalf. But do I need to be given the green light before I act when indeed, a hapless dying man needs help? In order not to incur the wrath of whomever, I shall end here without proceeding any further. Nonetheless, I shall come back to discuss this issue in detail under the topic, “An Excruciating Death of a Ghanaian due to “Abibiduro” and the Nonchalance of Medical Doctors”.
The further discussion as promised will be informative, full of warnings and useful advice to Ghanaians on the usage of herbal drugs (“abibiduro”) in the treatment of their illnesses and the oftentimes bizarre attitudes of certain Medical Doctors. Please stay tuned!

Rockson Adofo

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