Residents Ask Court To Restrain Industrial Cold Warehouse Project


A resident at Tema Community Three, have issued a Writ of Summons at the Accra High Court to restrain six corporate entities to construct a Container Terminal and Industrial Cold Warehouse in the Sakumo Ramsar Site B.

Mr Dennis Amfo-Sefah in the Writ of Summons signed by A Ossei A. Aidooh, his Lawyer, is asking the court to declare the project which is close to a residential area, unauthorised and unlawful.

The 1st Defendant is Overseas Commerce Ghana, Kilimanjaro Logistics Ghana Ltd, 2nd Defendant, Tema Development Corporation 3rd Defendant, Environment Protection Agency, 4th Defendant, Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, 5th Defendant and Ghana Revenue Authority 6th Defendant.

The Plaintiff said building an industrial cold store and a container terminal in residential area or so close is improper and a nuisance which would greatly affect the enjoyment of his rights as resident.

Mr Amfo-Sefah says the project potentially would constitute a health hazard to the residents including himself since gases from the cold store, fumes and noise from the operations at the container would constitute a major pollution of the environment in which he lives.

He contended that the location of the project would adversely affect the Sakumo Ramsar Site located at the West of Tema and would render the community in which he lives exceedingly vulnerable to flooding.

The Writ of Summons said the 1st and 2nd Defendants have resisted all demands for the disclosure of the nature of the project and refused to erect a board to give information as to the nature of the project to persons interested to raise any objections they may have.

The Plaintiff said the 4th Defendant had purportedly approved an Impact Assessment Plan of the project without reference to the community.

It has also come to the notice of Mr Amfo-Sefah that the 6th Defendant had granted the 1st Defendant approval to operate the container Terminal and the 1st Defendant has applied to the 5th Defendant for a Permit to operate the Terminal.

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