Residents of Nogokpo angry with Agyin-Asare over comments

Archbishop Charles Agyin-Asare
Archbishop Charles Agyin-Asare

Archbishop Charles Agyin-Asare the founder and head pastor of the Perez Chapel International, has come under intense criticism and condemnation from the people of Nogokpo in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta region after he described the town as the “demonic headquarters” in the region.

The respected pastor speaking at a summit held in his church on Wednesday, May 24, recalled a near-tragic incident at Nogokpo whiles returning from a crusade at Aflao, to buttress his claim.

Archbishop Agyinasare said he made one of his Pastors, Yaw Adu talk about witchcraft and they disgraced the witches and wizards over there. As a result, when they were passing through the Nogokpo township, Pastor Adu had his tyres coming out of his four-wheel vehicle.

However, residents of the community and other towns in the region, have not taken kindly to the comments.

In a Facebook response, the Nogokpo Shrine firmly stated that, their religion does not endorse lies, fake prophecies, or defrauding people under false pretenses.

They criticized the practice of extorting money from individuals in the name of gaining entry into a non-existent heaven.

According to the post, “the shrine does not lose focus by preaching about other religions but rather concentrates on its own ethical principles.”

The Nogokpo Shrine advised Archbishop Agyin-Asare to redirect his efforts towards educating his members about their own religion, rather than attacking others.

The community members insist that Rev. Agyinasare must retract his comments and apologize.

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