Resolve Protracted Chieftaincy Dispute In 14 Days – Weta Chiefs Warn

Dusifiaga Torgbui Ashiagbor Iv And His Chiefs Addressing The Press
Dusifiaga Torgbui Ashiagbor Iv And His Chiefs Addressing The Press

Source: Michael Foli Jackidy

In a decisive move to address a longstanding chieftaincy dispute, the Chiefs, rightful custodians, and residents of Weta, nestled within the Ketu North Municipality of the Volta Region, have issued a 14-day ultimatum to the Minister of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs, along with the Volta Regional House of Chiefs.

The order aims to prompt action and bring to an end the protracted issue that has plagued the area for far too long.

The call for resolution comes amidst growing frustration among the Chiefs and residents of Weta, who have endured the ramifications of the unresolved chieftaincy matter. The dispute, which has lingered over the community like a shadow, has not only hindered development initiatives but has also strained the area’s social fabric.

Speaking on behalf of the Chiefs and the people, Dusifiaga of the Weta Traditional area, Torgbui Ashiagbor IV, and spokesperson for the Chiefs emphasized the urgent need for a lasting solution. He stated, “We, the Chiefs and people of Weta, have reached a breaking point. Our community has suffered for several years due to the unresolved chieftaincy dispute. It is time for concrete action to restore peace and progress in our beloved town”, he told News Ghana.

They are demanding that the Minister of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs, and the Volta Regional House of Chiefs, engage in immediate dialogue with all stakeholders involved in the dispute. The Chiefs and residents of Weta are calling for a transparent and inclusive process that will lead to the enthronement of the right chief of the Akpor stool.

Torgbui Ashiagbor IV further highlighted the significance of the demand, stating, “We are giving the authorities a clear timeline of 14 days to initiate meaningful discussions and come up with a plan of action. Should this timeline pass without substantial progress, we will have no choice but to explore other avenues to have our voices heard.”

The people of Weta, known for their rich cultural heritage and unwavering sense of community, have long yearned for stability and unity under a recognized traditional authority. It is hoped that the pronouncement will serve as a catalyst for constructive dialogue and pave the way for a resolution that benefits all stakeholders involved.

As the deadline looms, all eyes are on the authorities to heed the call of Weta and take the necessary steps towards a resolution that honors the heritage and aspirations of this historic town. The Chiefs and residents stand united, unwavering in their quest for justice and unity, as they await the outcome of this crucial directive.

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