Respiratory Therapy Training at Tamale Teaching Hospital

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Respiratory Training

The Accident and Emergency Sub-BMC of the Tamale Teaching Hospital is dedicated to providing high-quality medical care to patients in need. As part of its commitment to excellence, the department conducts regular training programs for its staff. One such training program is focused on Respiratory Therapy, an essential component of emergency medical care.

This document provides an overview of the Respiratory Therapy training conducted at the Tamale Teaching Hospital.

The primary objective of the Respiratory Therapy training program was to enhance the knowledge and skills of the Accident and Emergency Department staff in managing respiratory emergencies. By equipping the medical personnel with the necessary expertise, the hospital aims to improve patient outcomes and optimize the delivery of respiratory care.

The Head of the Emergency Sub-BMC, Dr. Valentine Akwulpwa, stated that the department always explores ways to improve health delivery to clients and regular training of staff is part of the plans. The respiratory therapy training was one of the series of training planned by the department.

The Respiratory Therapy training program covers a comprehensive range of topics relevant to emergency respiratory care. The curriculum includes both theoretical lectures and hands-on practical sessions. Some of the key areas covered in the training program include mechanical ventilation, nursing care for intubated patient, and clinical application.

The training employs a combination of didactic lectures and hands-on practical sessions. The didactic lectures provide a solid foundation of knowledge, while the practical sessions allow participants to apply their learning in simulated emergency scenarios. The training is facilitated by experienced respiratory therapists and other healthcare professionals specialized in emergency care.

About fifty staff including both nurses and doctors took part in the training.

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