Retired COP urges pastors to be vigilant in terms of security

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The Rev. Dr David Nenyi Ampah-bennin, retired Commissioner of Police (COP), in a meeting with heads of religious leaders and general overseers urged pastors to be vigilant in terms of security.

He also advised religious leaders to educate their church members on how to be security conscious in their cause of ministering the word of God.

The preachers, he said were likely to be heard in terms of informing people on security issues than the government and urged the government to introduce ‘criminal certificate’ as a check to citizens and employees, to allow employers to know and have vivid records on criminal cases of individuals.

He said, “artisans should be made to produce criminal record before they are allowed to enter office premises to work”.
He explained that the best way to mitigate the risk of burglars breaking into vehicles was by making special arrangements with the parking lot security to keep an eye on it for small tips, to protect cars from theft.

“Educate your children and your household on basic home security” this will help to be each other’s keeper in your house, he said.

Members of the community should come together and think about their security and strike a good acquaintance with our neighbours to increase security conscious, he added.

In discussing and providing systematic and biblical theological approach in addressing security issues, he cautioned all citizens to be alert on terrorist attacks, as they had special areas of attack including churches, schools, mining areas, beaches, and tourist sites.

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