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Retiring Jersey Number 7 in the Honor of Atsu Does not Worth it; Set up a Fund to Continue His Charity Works.


The world of sports has always been closely associated with acts of charity and philanthropy. Athletes are often looked upon as role models, inspiring millions of fans across the world to emulate their success and generosity. Many sports personalities have left behind a legacy of philanthropic work, which has been continued by their fans and followers for generations to come.

It is on record that one way that sports organizations and teams have chosen to honor athletes is by retiring their jersey numbers. While this is a great way to recognize the achievements of the athlete, setting up funds in their name to continue their charity work can be even more impactful.

Retiring a jersey number is a way to honor an athlete who has made significant contributions to their team and the sport they were passionate about. However, it is a relatively passive form of recognition that does not necessarily benefit the community or causes that the athlete supported.

In my view, setting up funds in Atsu’s name to continue his charity work is a more proactive way of honoring his legacy. These funds can be used to support various initiatives that he was passionate about. Atsu when alive was passionate about providing assistants to underprivileged in the society and supporting prisoners to the point of paying their fines to free them from incarceration.

Furthermore, setting up funds in Atsu’s name will also serve as a reminder of the values that he stood for. It can inspire others to follow in his footsteps and continue the good work that he started.

Michael Jordan Foundation, which was set up in 1988 by the legendary basketball player, the foundation has supported various initiatives, including education, healthcare, and youth development. Over the years, the foundation has raised millions of dollars and has positively impacted the lives of countless people.

In conclusion, retiring Atsu’s number 7 jersey is a great way to recognize his contributions to the sport. However, setting up funds in his name to continue his charity work is even more impactful. It allows his legacy to live on and benefit the causes he cared about. It is a powerful way to honor his achievements and inspire others to do good in the world.

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