Rev Ayim tells couples to resolve conflicts in their marriages


The Reverend Daniel Kwesi Ayim, Pastor in charge of the Mount Moriah Congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, has advised married couples to endeavour to resolve conflicts quickly and sustain their marriages.

“Marriage is a blessing from God, hence the need to protect that institution by resolving conflicts amicably,” he said.

Conflicts in marriage should help couples to learn about each other and grow together but that should not result in divorce.

Rev. Ayim gave the advice when the Mount Moriah Congregation organised an event, dubbed: “Couples Night” to discuss “Managing Conflicts in Marriage,”

as part of activities to celebrate the church’s 25th Anniversary.
He advised couples to try and manage their anger when issues came up in their relationship and always be committed to resolving the issues rather than giving up on the relationship.

“Keep your issues private as much as possible, however seek advice when you need to and only when the two persons involved have agreed to seek external advice.”

He urged couples to always ensure that they identified the right person should they need external help.
Mrs Hannah Awadzi, a Psychologist Assistant and Author of the book; Near Divorce, advised couples to go on a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness to be able to deal effectively with conflicts in their marriages.

“Deal with yourself first, know yourself, know how you are triggered to be able to better handle conflicts when they arise in your marriage,” she said

Mr Maxwell Padi Narh, a Legal Practitioner, took the couples through the role lawyers play during conflicts in marriage.

“A lawyer does not advise you to go get a divorce or otherwise, a lawyer comes in when the marriage is already an empty shell and you need legal backings to amicably divorce,” he said

Ms Patience Mario, a Police Prosecutor, advised couples to be mindful of how they disciplined their children, saying: “Don’t pass your anger from your spouses onto your children. Discipline your children when you need to but with love.”

She said beating a child mercilessly in the name of discipline constituted child abuse and parents could be arrested if reported to the police.

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