Rev. Gabriel Ansah: ‘Free night calls’ spiritually dangerous


Rev Gabriel Ansah of Adom FM's Nasem University Rev. Gabriel Ansah of Adom FM’s N’asem University has cautioned Ghanaians against taking advantage of ?free night calls? offered by telecom operators because ?it is spiritually very dangerous?.

All the telecom operators in Ghana offer free or heavily subsidized night call rates, and some telcos have commercials in which they describe the service as ?anadwo yede? to wit ?the night is sweet?.

But Rev. Ansah said the night could be bitter for those who use the service to discuss their future plans on phone at that time of the night.

He was speaking to an earlier submission by one Mallam Khalifa who claimed that speaking on phone in the toilet and in the bathroom exposes people to demons, which cause madness in humans.

The 27-year-old Mallam Khalifa, and his assistant, Abdul Razak, claimed that God has assigned angels to protect each person but the Holy Koran teaches that when one enters the toilet or the bathroom, the angels wait at the door because the toilet and bathroom are dirty places.

?In the toilet or bathroom you are on your own and the only way to avoid demons is to keep quiet because if you talk you invite the demons to yourself and they can make you go mad,? they said.

But Rev. Gabriel Ansah said he did not agree with the Mallam?s claim that one is left entirely on his own in a toilet or bathroom, as that raised questions about God?s omnipresence.

The N’asem University ?Chancellor? however said he believes what is even more dangerous is free night calls because at that time of the night demonic activity is at its peak and demons tap into people?s conversions.

?Free night calls are spiritually so very dangerous because people take advantage of it to discuss their future plans with friends and family on the phone for long hours and demons tap into it and get the chance to destroy people?s destiny.

?Because the call is free lots of people tend to discuss details about the travel, marriage, academic and other very sensitive plans on phone without realizing the danger they are exposing themselves to,? he said. ?That is also the period most guys tend to make promises of buying a car or building a house among other things for ladies.?

Rev. Gabriel Ansah said the devil and his demons do not have the power to read people’s minds but once a person voices out anything, the demons tap into the information and use it to work against that person.

?Unless you are a medical doctor and the call you make or take at night has implication for someone?s life or death there is no point in making or taking calls at that period of the night when demonic activity is very intense,? he said.

Rev. Ansah warned that those who make it a habit to enjoy the so-called ?anadwo ye de? should remember that they risk shortchanging their destinies for a few hours of free night calls.

The meeting point between him and Mallam Khalifa lies in his advice that people needed to develop the habit of not taking or making calls whiles bathing, eating, in the toilet, or in bed.

Meanwhile all the telecom operators in Ghana continue to offer either completely free of heavily subsidized night calls and internet browsing rates.

Some telcos recently admitted that the traffic on their network at night is very heavy because people make lots of long calls and browse the internet heavily as well.

Source: Adom News/Ghana

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