Rev. Tong Cautions Christians About Fetish Priest in Suits


The Venerate Cannon Dennis Tong, Parish Priest of the Bolgatanga Saint Cyprian Anglican Church has warned members of his congregation to be wary of fetish priests in suits misdirecting, deceiving and cheating God’s people to enrich themselves.

Rev Tong said “Apostle John admits that there are indeed two spirits, but we need to test these spirits to discern from good and evil. We should not just believe but test them”.

The Parish Priest admonished the congregation when he preached the sermon on the theme: “the King and the King’s conflict” and told them to be wary of the powers that controlled the world “every where you go and you are charged consultancy fee, or charged any fees to receive prayer, is not of God and must not be trusted, because Jesus said freely you received freely you shall give.”

Rev Tong warned that “such places are filled with collections of divinities and the fetish priests these days don’t wear the fetish costumes, but prefer to be in suits, while others crown themselves with Bishop robes and claim anointing to attract and stray innocent people of God”.

He said “there are clearly conflicts all over us as humans within and without us”, and indicated that intra conflicts led to indecision in individuals not to tow the ways of Christ
He said the conflicts in the world had precipitated several evil actions and led to high level corruption, which God abhorred. “If God destroyed the entire world in Noah’s days because the people then were corrupt, we are more corrupt today, and so arguably the end time is very near. Corruption is corruption before God. No high or low degree of corruption”, he stressed.

The Parish Priest said corruption cuts across every facet of society including; corruption in the church, government, private and public institutions which created confusion all over the world thereby ignoring the principles of obtaining and sustaining the peace in the world.

“We must understand peace the way Jesus understood it, and use it as he used it. Jesus prefers peace to be inner satisfaction, joy from the heart, free mind to operate and be contend with what we have”.

He noted that the spirit that is “evil pressurises us to do things that are contrary to our wishes to do good. We have to be careful about the world, the flesh and the devil so that we don’t get entangled by the things of the world.”

He urged members of the congregation to nurse the desire to recognise and receive Jesus and obey his instructions. “Don’t let some self-styled bishops and pastors working as engine of the devil and poised to confuse God’s people to make you fall prey to their evil intent.

He said “the signs of persecution of the media by the very institutions created to protect them, was a clear indication of the end times, because the media is a strong voice for the voiceless and so these bodies are gagging and persecuting the press to keep them mute so that they can have their way to do more harm to society.”

The Parish Priest said “the devil who holds the other side of the spirit and controlling the world is keen to consistently create confusion and justify them to let them seem acceptable in order to win more people to his side.

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