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Revealing the secret purposes of the Vatican Synod


The LGBTQ Synod has ended in the Vatican. Any Bergoglian bishop or priest can now de facto bless homosexual unions, even if he does not yet have an official document from the Vatican to do so. On the other hand, if any orthodox bishop wants to prevent a priest from blessing sodomites, he must expect that the priest will file a complaint against him with Francis, a so-called Vatican visitation will take place, and personnel changes will occur. In short – the bishop will be kicked out of his office.

The Synod was also attended by Cardinal Müller, former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. He was the only one of the participants who was not afraid to publicly expose the backstage of the Synod and to call the crimes against faith and morals by their proper names. In an interview with the National Catholic Register on 27 October 2023, he said: “All is being turned around so that now we must be open to homosexuality and the ordination of women. If you analyze it (ie synodal texts), all is about converting us to these two themes.”

Quoting the media: “The teaching on homosexuality interpreted by the Pope at the Synod has all the hallmarks of heresy.”
We can add that the whole so-called synodal way is fully heretical, i.e. it leads to the internal poisoning of the Church. According to Gal 1:8-9, it brings down anathema on all who accept this way of betraying Christ and His Gospel. The pseudo Pope and the promoters of this spiritual suicide incur the latae sententiae penalty – excommunication from the Church.

Cardinal Müller said: “It was not in reality a Catholic Synod of Bishops…”
He continues to explain that it was a so-called parliamentary method of decision-making. The paradox is that, for example, women, many of them lesbians or pro-LGBTQ activists, were able to outvote the bishops at this so-called Synod of Bishops. This is absurd! Something similar happened in the time of Covid. The biggest illiterates in medicine, such as Jorge Bergoglio, used suggestion and power to make a final decision that fatally dangerous vaccination should be mandatory.

The Cardinal was also dismissive of the Synod’s manipulation regarding “openness and tradition as not static, but dynamic”. He said: “This is not the Catholic Church.”
Why? Because the Catholic Church is based on dogmas, truths of faith, that are embedded in the Gospel of Christ and ensure the salvation of soul. They are static, they cannot be changed. However, Bergoglio and like-spirited heretics have taken what is called a dynamic approach to the deposit of faith. This means that they gradually abolish all dogmas, and thus the Catholic Church practically ceases to be Catholic, no longer leading souls to salvation. It turns into a secular organization with a religious veneer that abuses the outward structure of the Church against Christ and places it in the service of the Antichrist.

The Cardinal stated: “What wasn’t spoken about at the Synod was Jesus Christ [or] divine Revelation, the grace of human persons created according to the image and likeness of God, and of God as the goal of our human existence.”
So the essential questions of our being and non-being in relation to our salvation were totally boycotted at the Synod, even though the salvation of souls is threatened today more than ever.

The Cardinal said: “Some at the Synod were changing the definition of sins. They don’t believe in original sin, or sin as an act. They don’t deny it theoretically, but practically.”

It is clear from all this that the Synod was not about starting a revival programme, but about continuing the suicidal process.
Synod leaders used the psychological methods of destructive sects to change minds through manipulation and ridicule. The Cardinal also noted that any speaker who dared to disagree with the ideological-political trend being promoted regarding the LGBTQ community was stigmatized as “an enemy of the Holy Spirit”.

The Cardinal therefore emphasized: “It’s abusing the Holy Spirit by pointing to Him to legitimize heretical opinions in favour of homosexual acts and same-sex blessings.”
We can only add that the most serious sin was committed at the Synod: the sin against the Holy Spirit, which will not be forgiven either here or in eternity, as Jesus warns. Clearly, the unclean LGBTQ spirit that ruled at the Synod cannot be identified with the Holy Spirit!

Heresies contrary to the essence of Holy Scripture were imposed on the participants in the Synod as the true interpretation of Scripture. We know that the author of Scripture is the Holy Spirit, who has revealed divine truths to us through the sacred writers. Among them are the Evangelists and the Apostle Paul. The Synod leaders used false manipulation, as Cardinal Müller states: “St Paul spoke against homosexuality, but they say, ‘We have our new insights, revealed by the Holy Spirit,’ and so from now on homosexual acts or the blessing of homosexual acts are a good thing. That is their idea. It’s abusing the Holy Spirit in order to introduce doctrines that are openly against Holy Scripture.” And the Cardinal added: “We cannot reconcile Christ and the Antichrist. This homosexual, ‘LGBT’ ideology is, at its centre, an anti-Christian ideology. It’s the spirit of the Antichrist speaking through them. It is absolutely against creation.”

Cardinal Müller stressed that behind LGBTQ ideology is the spirit of antichrist. He also cited a case of emotional manipulation when he mentioned one of the philosodomite speakers at the Synod promoting LGBT ideology, who spoke about his bisexual relative having committed suicide. The speaker reached the manipulative conclusion that the Church must be open not only to LGBTQ persons but also to their ideology. From this anti-logic follows an absurd demand: the Church must change its doctrine and thus begin to lead souls to hell instead of heaven, or else all LGBTQ people will end up committing suicide. What nonsense was this Synod dealing with?!

The Cardinal commented on it as follows: “We cannot resolve theological questions and problems through emotion.”
Another paradoxical theme of the Synod of Bishops was so-called love among gay couples. The Cardinal adds: “They cannot say openly, ‘We want to contradict the Word of God.’ But they are introducing a new hermeneutic with which they want to reconcile the Word of God with these anti-Christian ideologies.” How? The Cardinal emphasized: “Their trick is to mix pastoral care for these persons with this anti-Christian ideology.”

Cardinal Müller sets the record straight: “We, the Church, are the only ones who respect the dignity of everybody, of sinners, of persons with problems in every sphere. But the solution to these problems is the way of Jesus Christ.”
The Synod was further evidence of where the Church is heading with the so-called Pope Francis having usurped the supreme power.

Cardinal Müller concluded: “On the whole, Pope Francis reflects the Church moving toward conformity with the U.N.’s globalist, pro-LGBT Agenda 2030.”
Today, everyone knows that the globalist pro-LGBTQ Agenda 2030 is a plan for the spiritual, moral and physical genocide not only of Christians, but of humanity.

Dear true Catholic bishop, you attended the October Synod in the Vatican. You were exposed to the method of destructive sects aimed at changing the mindset towards embracing the sodomite anti-gospel. The spirit of Sodom and other unclean demons operate far below the threshold of our intellect. A self-confident person lacking self-criticism and standing up to rightful criticism from others easily becomes spiritually infected.

If you naively think that you are untouched after returning from this LGBTQ Synod, this is already a sign that you are spiritually blind and do not perceive spiritual realities. In this spiritual darkness, by listening, you have opened yourself up to the unclean spirit, the spirit of lies that is associated with the entire LGBTQ agenda. You have betrayed the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth. You may be making excuses, “I wasn’t alone at the Synod, there were orthodox bishops there besides the Bergoglians. We were there for a good cause, even Cardinal Müller was there…” If you are referring to Cardinal Müller, you should now call the suicidal agenda set out by the Synod just as he did.

You were under a pernicious influence for a month. Now go into solitude for a month, that through repentance the Holy Spirit may cleanse you again. Spend at least four hours daily in interior prayer. In addition, read the Word of God or the classic catechism, as well as the lives of the martyrs or other saints.

The curse attracted by the Judas Synod is manifested within the Church by total spiritual blindness and an inability to discern what is of God and what is of the devil.

Cardinal Müller has disclosed that everything at the Synod was directed to two topics, namely, the acceptance by the faithful of the blessing of sodomite unions and the ordination of women. The Cardinal also stated that it is the spirit of the Antichrist speaking through the LGBTQ agenda. Regarding the pseudo Pope, he warned that Francis reflects the Church moving toward conformity with the globalist, pro-LGBTQ Agenda 2030. Dear true Catholic bishops, what more are you waiting for? The agenda of pseudo Pope Bergoglio and his evil synod is a public betrayal of Christ, a provocative suicide of the Church, and a programmed path to eternal destruction.

Dear successors of the Apostles, save your souls and your dioceses and separate yourselves from the Bergoglian Babylon while it is still possible. Soon it will not be possible anymore. If you hesitate, you will lose the chance of salvation. Stand up for Jesus Christ against the Antichrist! You will receive a crown of eternal glory as a reward.

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

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