Reverend Minister condemns fraudulent amassing of wealth

Reverend Samuel Amegboe, Awudome Tsito
Reverend Samuel Amegboe, Awudome Tsito

Reverend Samuel Amegboe, Awudome Tsito, the Area Head of Assemblies of God Church, has condemned the fraudulent amassing of wealth by politicians and public officers, referring to it as greed and loss of moral consciousness.

“Politicians and public servants, whose sole aim is to use their positions to amass wealth are morally bankrupt and their consciences dead,” he said.

Rev. Samuel Amegboe, who was speaking to the Ghana News Agency in an interview, said wealth acquired fraudulently was denial of food for the hungry and habitat of the homeless.

He advised those in leadership positions to use it to serve the masses and create opportunities for the youth instead of using it to amass wealth.

“The positions you occupy are not rights but opportunities offered to you by God to serve others, he reminded them.

“Because it was offered to you by God, He will demand every pesewa you acquired fraudulently from you.”

Rev. Amegboe referred to a Bible verse from Jeremiah chapter 17 verse 11, saying “as a partridge hatches eggs which it has not laid, so is he who makes a fortune but unjustly in during his days it will forsake him.”

Rev. Amegboe appealed to those who occupy positions of trust, especially those who are Christians to be content with whatever the state provided them.

He intimated that they were accountable and responsible to the people adding “the laws of the country should be allowed to work irrespective who is caught in its web.”

Rev. Amegboe reminded those who were using their positions to amass wealth illegally to be prepared to face the consequences in the future.

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