Contestants and their creations

• Six of Ghana’s top bakers and chocolatiers faced off in dessert contest to win a free British Airways flight to London.

August 2016 – The best bakers and chocolatiers in Accra just competed for a chance to win a free British Airways flight to London and it was amazing! In the end, The Cuppycake House topped them all with a Chocolate Supreme ‘Explore Your World’ cake – three layers of a rich, moist chocolate cake, with a chocolate buttercream filling and baby blue vanilla buttercream icing; topped by a miniature aircraft poised over a map of the world with lines pointing to different British Airways routes, surrounded by Chocolate Supreme cupcakes each topped with edible prints of British Airways and British imagery.

British Airways’ Commercial Manager for Ghana, Kevin Leung, who was one of the three judges of the event was “extremely impressed” with the creativity exhibited by each of the contestants. “I was very excited to be in a contest that involved chocolate, but halfway through I wanted to back out of judging the contest because everyone made it so difficult to choose. Fortunately, Chef [Antwi-Agyei from the African Regent Hotel] guided us through the technical parts and made it easier for us judges to settle on a winner,” says Leung.

“Our Cacao Show concept was very simple: most of us are bound to choose a delicious dessert after a great meal. So we thought; why not round off on ‘Accra’s Three Tastiest Days’ with something truly indulgent and bolder than before?” explains by Leroy Ankrah, founder and organiser of the Vittles food festival. He says chocolate was an “obvious choice”, given the importance of cocoa to Ghana.

Celebrated Ghanaian actor and director, Adjetey Anang, returned to the Vittles food festival as a celebrity judge for the Cacao Show contest. Anang praised the professionalism of the contestants and the taste of their chocolate creations. “This was one of the best chocolate journeys I have ever experienced, and I really wish I could do it again – maybe not as a judge, so that I can really enjoy myself and not have to pick sides!”

Rita Joyce Mensah-Poku, CEO of The Cuppycake House described winning The Cacao Show as “awesome.” “My Chocolate Supreme cake is really great and I am a bit creative with my cake designs, so I knew I could win if I came prepared to bring out my very best. I did some research on British Airways’ website to find something I can use to design the cake that will have a story to it. I’m very grateful for this opportunity,” Rita said.

The Sweet Art Company came second in the contest with handmade chocolates, packaged as British Airways boarding passes, while the Pink Panda Bakery’s very grand ‘Travelling Chocolate Supremo’ cake took third place in the contest.

“We had a lot of fun with this competition, and also met some very versatile Ghanaians who are doing amazing things,” says Leung. “We hope we can continue to collaborate with all of them, especially into 2017 when we celebrate 80 years of our operation to Ghana.”



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