Rivers: Where is Wike?


His voice has gone grave since his friend, Mbu Joseph Mbu, was tossed out of Rivers State, as the Commissioner for Police in the state, under obtrusive circumstances. That?s Barr. Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike, the Supervising Minister for Education.


When Mbu was in the state, Wike?s voice resonated always like a growling lion, in prey of Governor Chibuike Amaechi. Wike made so many rackets that people were confused why Amaechi appointed him minister in the first place.


Amongst others, a group known as Council of Orashi Ethnic Nationality in Rivers State insisted for an apology from Governor Amaechi and the people of Ikwerre ethnic nationality, for proposing the Wike, to President Goodluck Jonathan, as a minister.


Wike locked in a concentrated political battle for the soul of Rivers State. No one heard him delivered any lecture on education at any functions, as the Minister for Education. All that were heard of Wike at any functions was how he would make Amaechi and the rest of the people sleep with their two eyes open.


He was always going to the media to deny any allegation that was made against his interest and would tell whoever that cared to listen that such allegation was aimed at soiling his name, without realising that he had already soiled his name with his uncalculated political hullabaloo and tantrums.


When the Save Rivers Movement (SRM) rally in Port Harcourt turned acerbic and a sitting-Senator Magnus Abe was allegedly shot by the police, Wike denied the allegation of influencing the police and, did not condemn the police for the brazen act, either.


He never condemned the perceived recklessness of police in Rivers State under Mbu, against any pro-Amaechi rallies. Wike nearly became a Special Adviser to Mr. President on Amaechi affairs.


He was always defending the president against Amaechi. While the education of the country ramshackle, it was either Wike was in Rivers State going from one Local Government Area (LGA) or the other instituting his Grassroots Development Initiative (GDI), or he was at the airport to receive the wife of the president, who was either going to Okrika her home town in Rivers State, or going to Bayelsa State her husband?s place.


If the time that Wike has spent at the airport waiting for the wife of the president and the time he has stayed at his ministry are checked, the result would be amazing. He swaggered for enjoying the support of President Goodluck Jonathan and the wife of the president.


Even when his voice was cut on tape and many radio stations in Rivers State re-played his voice of making Rivers State ungovernable, Wike who played the brave with the attitude of a coward would deny any outcome of his supposedly vicious script against the state and would say that the governor?s supporters should count him out of their ordeal and stop flipping issues.


It?s obvious that Mbu attempted bringing all the activities of Amaechi down, but did not succeed in any. Mbu made frivolous statements of which one was, according to him, how the state pulled under the cover of tinted vehicles to commit crime. He mentioned that such crimes were, amongst others, assassinations.


Although, Mbu was christened ?an unstable character? by some stakeholders in the state just as Wike; the later has been fingered of using the baseless statement of Mbu to foreworn the new Police Commissioner of Police Tunde Ogunsakin, to look-out for government-owned tinted vehicles.


Much as that sounded thoughtless, Mbu who called himself a professional police man never made any arrest of those he saw in his mirage tinted-vehicles. He, rather, turned himself from a Commissioner of Police, to the Chief Security Officer of Rivers State, which Amaechi was supposed to be known for.


It was very annoying from any angle that one stood to look at it that Wike turned politics in the state and at the federal level, as an art of looking for trouble. He diagnosed politics incorrectly and was applying wrong political remedies that have now rubbished him as a diplomat he was appointed to be.


Barr Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike allowed himself to be rubbished by sycophants and their praise, while he was effortlessly and unconstructively criticising Amaechi. But Governor Amaechi did not allow all that to pull him down. Amaechi was always not showing a sign of weakness, but was gathering strength and showed that he had no trouble sleeping always.

(Look out for Part 2 of this article).


Odimegwu Onwumere, a Poet/Writer, writes from Rivers State.

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