Robber Falls Asleep Inside Car he Broke Into

An image of the Tanzanian sleeping criminal

A suspected robber has been apprehended after he fell asleep in a car that he allegedly broke into at Palmview, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

According to reports, the man was attempting to steal valuables inside the car when he seemingly decided on a brief ‘shut eye’, which led to his arrest.

“KZN VIP was alerted to this after the resident noticed his vehicle had been broken into. The suspect was detained by KZN VIP and handed over to SAPS”, some reports revealed.

Social Media Reactions

When news of the ‘sleeping criminal’ hit the internet, it engendered several different reactions. Some social media users did not hold back on the jokes about the alleged criminal sleeping on the job.

Many users jokingly praised the car owner as they insinuated that the car owner might have used some some sort of spell to keep the robber in the car. Some even asked where they could get such a spell to use because it seems to have worked perfectly.

“Can you hook me up with the owner of that car?, I want the ‘muthi’ they are using”, one social media user asked.

Others who also found humor in the situation averred that car insurance companies might be losing their business soon as it is going to be replaced by people who sell spells.

“I can imagine the flyers being printed right now: No insurance? No problem”, one social media user said.

Some shamed the country for its laziness, saying “not even criminals respect their jobs”.

“Even criminals don’t respect their jobs nowadays, we are doomed as a country”, another social media user said.

However, some social media users sympathized with the man amid all the jokes, as they were of the view that the thief might have wanted to get caught. They theorized that he might have needed a place to stay and thought the prison would be his easiest stake.

“He wanted to get caught because he knows once he’s behind bars he’ll get 3 meals a day, an education, a bed, blankets, tv, and a gym. No need to work for anything. No amount of drugs would allow an addict to commit a crime and get caught like that”, a social media user said.

Meanwhile, some social media users wondered how the thief was going to explain how he ended up in prison.

Another Case of a ‘Sleeping Criminal’

“Muthi, tiredness, drugs, or planned? We do not know. What we do know is that he will have a tough time telling his new roommates how he got into prison. It will be so unbelievable”, says @Mavipes.

A similar case of a ‘sleeping criminal’ occurred in Tanzania last year.

The ‘sleeping thief’ was handed over to the police in Tanzania after falling asleep during an operation at a house of a TV presenter, Farouk Karim. Confirming the incident in an interview, Farouk Karim disclosed that the thief entered his compound by scaling the fence. The thief went into his car and later fell asleep. Farouk noted that he was shocked when he woke up to find the unknown man taking a nap in his car. The thief was subsequently handcuffed and handed over to the police.

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