International scholars from all disciplines are invited to apply for a residency program in Italy.

The Bellagio Residency Program, sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation, offers a serene setting on Lake Como conducive to focused, goal-oriented work. Residents have the opportunity to establish new connections and solve complex global issues. The program hosts residencies for scholars, creative artists and practitioners, but the sponsored competition is open only to scholars.

Scholars at all career stages with a record of significant achievement in their field are eligible. Applicants from developing countries are particularly encouraged to apply. Projects in all fields are welcome, but there is particular interest in projects that address the Rockefeller Foundation?s issue areas: revalue ecosystems, advance health, secure livelihoods and transform cities.

Room and board are provided to all residents and their spouses/partners. Airfare is not included in the residency program; however, the foundation does have a limited travel assistance program based on the income of invited residents.

The deadline is Dec 3.

For more information, click here.


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