Russia on Wednesday reacted with scorn to US President Barack Obama’s address to the nation. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the speech showed that world dominance is written in the US genetic code.wpid-sergeilavrov-621x414.jpg

“The speech shows, that there is only one thing at the centre of (US) philosophy: we are number one and all others must accept that,” Lavrov said at his annual press conference in Moscow.

“The United States want to dominate in the world and won’t be happy with being first among equals,” Lavrov said, adding that this “lining up Europe against Russia runs in their blood.”

“Attempts to change that philosophy, the genetic base, won’t be easy,” he added.

Obama said in his address that America “stands strong and united with our allies, while Russia is isolated, with its economy in tatters.”

Lavrov said that US attempts to isolate Russia won’t be successful.

The Russian foreign minister stressed that Russia does not want any confrontation. “We do not want and won’t allow any new Cold War,” he said.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that Obama was a dreamer when he said that the Russian economy is left in tatters thanks to the US. “Like they tore it to shreds,” he wrote on Twitter.


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