The front view of the new Eastern Provincial headquarters in Rwamagana The New Times S. Rwembeho.

RWAMAGANA – The long-awaited Eastern Provincial administrative complex, whose construction was initially marred by embezzlement scandals, is finally complete and ready for use.

Several provincial leaders were dragged to court after it emerged that the initial stages of the construction process were mired in srious irregularities.

The then Governor of the province, Theoneste Mutsindashyaka, was the accused.

The magnificent building, that cost over Rwf3 billion, has capacity to accommodate over 140 staff.

The complex will also accommodate the whole of Rwamagana District staff, among other services.

According to the Provincial Executive Secretary, Jean Marie Vianney Makombe, the building will boost their revenues.

He said that the old offices lacked enough space for proper filing and documentation.

“Since 2006, we have been spending Rwf1.18 million per month in rent…that’s too much money. The new offices are spacious, air conditioned and with all the convenience we need for our work,” he observed.

The Mayor of Rwamagana District, Nehemie Uwimana, observed the building was timely, saying the present district offices were too congested to effectively serve the public.

“We lacked enough offices and resorted to using containers and congesting the corridors… We found it difficult to attend to many people at ago. The offices looked unfit to offer the deserved service to the public. So, with the new offices, some excuses will end.”

Juliette Uwimana, a resident of Rwamagana town, who referred to the new building as ‘White House’, told The New Times that the new office tower had given the town a major face-lift.

Uwimana said the services offered in the new offices should reflect its beauty.

“This is a great building…its beauty must be reflected in the services we, the people, receive. That’s what we want as residents. It would be meaningless if impoverished people surrounded such a beautiful office,” she added.

The office block is expected to be occupied early next month.

By Stephen Rwembeho, The New Times



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