The Founder of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Jerry John Rawlings has challenged President John Dramani Mahama to ?throw out? of his government some individuals he (Rawlings) describes as ?babies with sharp teeth?.

According to the former president, those babies have destructively used their ?sharp teeth? to bite ruthlessly at some members of the party who worked tirelessly to ensure the NDC came to power, thus causing those aggrieved persons to respond in equal manner and consequently breeding divisions in the party.

Mr Rawlings was speaking at his party?s National Delegates? Congress held at the Baba Yara stadium in Kumasi Thursday.

Mr Rawlings, who has spearheaded some of the damning criticisms of the NDC – accusing its members and government, then led by late President John Evans Atta Mills, of abandoning the principles of probity and accountability upon which the NDC was founded – stated that electoral victory for John Mahama will depend on how quickly he can restore integrity to the presidency, the government and the NDC.

And in order to restore that integrity, Mr Rawlings insisted, some divisive elements in the government who had consistently maligned and vilified others must be reined in.

??It is often said that we should not throw out the baby with the bathwater?but then what do we do when some of the babies in the tub don?t look like babies?

?They are babies with hard teeth ? (which they can use to) bite hard (and) spill some very horrible invectives,? the former president claimed.

??Should they not be lowered even if we don?t want to throw them out with the dirty water??? Mr Rawlings queried, insisting that ?one bad nut is all it takes to spoil the taste in your mouth?.

Likening the scenario to the process of crossing a wooden bridge with rotten planks, Mr Rawlings asked: ?Do we wait to get new planks before removing the rotten ones or do we remove the rotten ones immediately in order to prevent the potential loss of limbs of somebody falling and breaking his legs or somebody falling and losing his life??

The NDC founder, while acknowledging that some members of the party ?feel we must leave the rotten (planks) there till we cut news ones?, sharply disagreed with that position, saying ?No, if you can remove some of the rotten ones, at least we can avoid standing on those (rotten) ones?we will go past those ones but if we leave them there we are inviting disaster.?


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