The Bureau of Marine /Matirime Protection, has asked sailors to be proactive in the global war against the coronavirus, COVID-19.

“The pace at which the virus is spreading is alarming and it calls for calculated efforts on not only health professionals but also on sailors who man vessels, driving the global economy since 90% of world’s trade is done by the international shipping industry, “according to BMMP

A statement signed and issued to the Ghana News Agency by Mr Ajerigo James Akubilla, Director, BMW-Ghana, in Tema said due to the nature of their work, sailors were prone or susceptible to infections and therefore could be the channel for spreading the virus but should rather become the channel for subduing it.

“Sailors should be extra careful and stick to the advice of health professionals on board their vessels and the World Health Organization , “it said.

The Bureau, which was founded nearly half a century ago, to mount advocacy and action against marine pollution, said, “There is an urgent need to address this concern, because it relates directly to the struggle for sustainable economic development.

Maritime transport is crucial to the world’s economy as over (90%)of world trade is carried by sea trade and over 3.5 billion people worldwide depend on the ocean for meaningful and assured livelihood. ”

“The Bureau of Marine/Maritime Protection – Ghana is dedicated to addressing this new health challenge in creating public awareness and coordination of civil society intervention, “the statement said.

The Bureau of Marine/Maritime Protection – Ghana (BMMP-Ghana) is a non-profit civil society initiative by public-spirited marine/maritime professionals and seafarers.



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