Sam George announces new way of checking one’s health status amid economic hardship

Sam George
Sam George

The Ningo-Prampram Member of Parliament (MP), Samuel Nartey George said one is sick if he or she doesn’t wake up at 3 am each dawn to scream ‘eiiiii.’

“That’s the reaction of current economic crisis,” he said.

The MP who coined the 0-1-0 eating formation has announced a new way of checking one’s health status.

He said every normal Ghanaian cannot have a good night’s sleep without interruptions, adding that the general hardships in the economy serve as an alarm clock at 3 am each dawn.

He was speaking on Accra-based Metro TV, where he said it is now abnormal for any Ghanaian living in Ghana not to wake up each dawn to scream ‘eiiiii’.

“If you go to bed at maybe 10:00 pm and you can sleep till 6:00 am in this country then you have sleeping sickness. Because I tell you, everybody who is normal by 3:00 am you will wake up and shout ‘eiiiiiiii’ because you have to wake up and shout. Because even in your sleep, your sleep is afraid of sleep.”

The comments of Sam George follow the rapid depreciation of the cedi against the US dollar and major global trading currencies, hyperinflation, which has seen skyrocketing prices of goods and services and fuel hikes.

The plight of the ordinary Ghanaian has been exacerbated by a recent hike in transport fares, and an imminent increase in sachet water from 50 pesewas to 60 pesewas, among others.

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