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Sam George’s Shocking Turn: From Advocate to Oppressor – Unraveling the Hypocrisy Behind Ghana’s Anti-LGBT Bill Sponsor

Sam George
Sam George

Member of Parliament for Ningo-Prampram, Samuel Nartey George’s view on members of the LGBT community in Ghana and their allies during former President Mahama’s regime in 2012 differs from current stance in 2024 which aims to challenge the current economic system under a different administration.

During an interview in 2015 on JoyNews about the politics of gay rights, he stated emphatically that, the Ghanaian constitution enjoins that everybody has rights on their preference and whatever they believe to engage in.

As to why he has had a change of mind, eagerly pushing for such a controversial Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Act to be passed, and further pushing for President Akufo-Addo to assent it into law brings to light a hypocritical stand during a different government regime.

“I believe that this matter has been overflogged and it’s been pushed just to suit as a thing, parochial political agenda. See irrespective with my personal opinion on homosexuals, the constitution of this country remains supreme. And the constitution of this country enjoins that everybody has rights, and their rights must be protected. It’s actually one of the preambles to the constitution of Ghana. “

He continued, “We must speak issues which are of necessity to the Ghanaian people. The amount of airtime we have wasted, I called it wasted not spent, wasted, talking about gays, when we have pertinent issues of water, pertinent issues of power, potential petrol prices going up. Look those are the things that bother everybody! They don’t care whether the presidents (Mahama) friend, who published his book is gay.” 

Destructive Agenda

His words align with the human rights advocates at the moment in this country.

For the majority of people in Ghana it’s shocking to witness that Sam George is now one of the main sponsors of Human Sexual Rights and Family Values act, so called anti-LGBTQ+ Bill.

Investigations made clear that Sam George was influenced by conservative American institutions like Family Watch. In 2022 he attended an African Family Policy Conference in Utah and started to promote a destructive agenda.

Sam George changed his political agenda and ,most alarming, his opinion on human rights. The shift in Sam George’s political agenda is underscored by the potential consequences of the anti-LGBTQ-Bill.

Critics argue that the legislation may have been strategically crafted to serve a political agenda. These insights are frightening as it showcases the real intention behind this bill and the loss of his former values back then.

The Church’s Role

Sam George’s tactics extend beyond the legislative realm as he attempts to leverage the influence of the church to pressure the president into assenting to the bill. Critics argue that this approach borders on blackmailing. Furthermore, various other bishops have warned of the potential severe consequences of such a law.

Presidential Call

In conclusion the trajectory of Sam George’s political journey from championing human rights to sponsoring the anti-LGBTQ Bill raises important questions about his motivations and the potential consequences for Ghana.

The president now faces a crucial decision, one that will not only impact the nation’s democratic values but also its standing in tourism, economy, international relations, cohesion, solidarity, and the celebration of diversity. It is imperative for the president to carefully consider the broader implications and safeguard the foundational principles that underpin a democracy and a secure nation.

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