Samini’s Saminifest is this Saturday at the Trade Fair. The Linda hit maker speaking on Peace FM reminisced on his beef with KK Fosu and Quata.

“KK is my brother, after that Oga song, he explained to me on how that song came about. It was inspired by something he heard that wasn’t true.

“I made a track titled ‘Igwe’ and Gogomi now Mugeez rapped ‘You for remember Sudjwe and Co, Ours we’ll make your current go low’ So KK thought we were going to make their current go low, but Gogomi was trying to tell the people they should remember songs Batman had done which included Sudjwe and co, so KK took it personal and came with Oga.

“So I replied and said ‘It’s through you and everybody else’s song which I featured on before Ghana got to know me so I’m not going to deny the fact that you made it. I didn’t have a problem with KK, he had a problem with me. Trinity we were three, KK, Kokovelli and I.

“Both artists had solo albums and I was featuring on their songs and other people’s song getting ready to get into studio to do my album. So the misunderstanding started coming because I was busy and couldn’t be on the road with them. Trinity was not a group like Praye and others. It’s the newspapers that even wrote that name first and we took it upon ourselves.

“So my group felt I was separating myself from them because I was doing my album. KK had to pursue his solo career and I had to pursue mine and Koko also did. So when I brought Linda and co and felt I was boss, then I should remember they made me.

“Do you know the rapper who rapped on the song; Quata once said I had told DJs not to play his part of the song and that’s why people didn’t hear of him till today.”


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