Samsung Introduces Its New Duracool Energy-Saving Refrigerator to the Ghanaian Market


duracool Lifestyle: Samsung Introduces All New Energy Saving Duracool Smart Refrigerator in Ghana

Samsung Electronics has introduced the all-new Duracool SMART Refrigerator range onto the Ghanaian market. The all-new Duracool Smart refrigerator, offers a host of unique features which includes expanded space and a superior digital inverter technology with 10 years warranty to improve energy efficiency, confirming Samsung?s dedication to providing appliance innovations that deliver unparalleled performance, enhanced flexibility, superior organisation and more convenience for the 21st century customer.

According to Richard Nunepkeku, Marketing Manager for Samsung; ?The all-new Duracool SMART Refrigerator is designed to make life easier for the user. Now, the Duracool SMART Refrigerator, operates with less noise and provides bigger space for more storage with perfect freshness. It significantly saves energy consumption up to an unbelievable 70% and with the Cool Pack technology it is capable of maintaining a zero degrees temperature for up to 8 (eight) hours when power goes off. The all-new Duracool Smart Refrigerator also comes with easy-slide and full-open boxes.?

The introduction of the all-new Duracool SMART refrigerator onto the Ghanaian market will allow homes, families and offices to get more from using a refrigerator.

Samsung?s new Duracool SMART Refrigerator offers several other category-first features that highlight convenience, a 4.5 litre water tank connected to the door dispenser that can be filled with water for healthier consumption and a top LED that illuminates the refrigerator?s interior more brightly than conventional models. The refrigerator?s Easy Slide shelf also makes it easy to keep various kinds of fruits and vegetables fresh and healthy. Duracool?s digital inverter compressor maintains perfect freshness by automatically adjusting its speed to internal and external conditions. The inverter compressor comes with a 10-year warranty.

In addition, Duracool SMART Refrigerator?s ?No Frost Technology? prevents ice build-up on the inside of the freezer wall and prevents water drop formation in the refrigerator. Duracool SMART Refrigerators are available nationwide in all accredited Samsung outlets and authorized dealer & retail shops.

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