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SANCOJ platform
SANCOJ platform

The Sancoj project intends to offer different Opportunities to everyone for free on one secured and simple interface. This means that internet users would be able to give out or take several paid or free opportunities on one simple interface without Sancoj collecting any commission on all transactions made. Hybrid algorithm has been used to synchronize different opportunities into one simple platform which also allows the user to make use of Sancoj’s Artificial Intelligence Agent (Zingo) in making sensitive opportunity discovery and decisions.

Zingo is an Artificial Intelligence Agent which analyzes user’s data and suggest the most profitable opportunities to the user. Zingo measures some basic factors in order to provide the most accurate and helpful suggestions or opportunities to a particular user. Example of key factors Zingo can analyze are: the user’s area of specialization, training experience, current financial status, current location, family ties, etc. before crafting and creating the best solution or Opportunity for that individual.

The word opportunity means possibility and chance which have very wide meanings and can be interpreted to be a job, project contract, event, learning, certification, socializing, talent management/enhancement, buying and selling, business acquisition, distributorship or franchising, etc. SANCOJ platform is built on the ETHEREUM block chain to enhance maximum protection of all user’s information.

Sancoj uses its simple interface, powered by advanced synchronization algorithm to bring most of your internet needs in one place: you can chat, buy businesses, franchise, lend money, get fund, etc. and socialize. With sancoj, you are secured, you spend less time and energy to get most important things done and this increases your productivity level.


Most internet platforms who offer opportunities like jobs, buying and selling etc. earn commissions but the Sancoj platform is giving either the giver or receiver of those opportunities free of charge without collecting any commission from them. Meaning Sancoj users can give and take free or paid opportunity without paying any commission to Sancoj.

SANCOJ platform is built on the Ethereum block chain because Ethereum has extraordinary capabilities. It’s a contract that self-executes, and the contract handles the enforcement, the management, performance, and payment” with reduced level of fraud. Most activities are well protected against hacking attempts and fraudulent activities. This puts all users in total control of their data and transactions and removing any central government or third-party between Sancoj users.

Through the escrow system embedded on the SANCOJ platform, fraud is being reduced. Users can place money on the escrow system pending the fulfillment of agreement between two parties. Once agreed conditions are fulfilled, the user releases fund, in order to protect both parties.

SANCOJ is here to make life easy for every user irrespective of their race and status. Through the help of the powerful Ethereum block chain, Sancoj is bringing together different opportunities on one simple interface in order to save users time and energy in getting things done on the internet.

The SANCOJ platform token is called SANC which is utility token used across the Sancoj platform for day to day deals, activities and transactions. Sancoj SANC is the only accepted means of exchange on Sancoj platform.

The Sancoj project would also make use of prepaid debit card, which would allow users spend their SANC tokens on POS, ATM and online platforms around the world. Due to the daily transaction limit associated with debit cards, Sancoj intends to add an advanced module for international bulk fund settlements.


With the Artificial Intelligent Agent (Zingo), which was created and embedded on the Sancoj platform. SANCOJ analyzes user’s data based on different areas like: training, financial background, location, family background, etc. before suggesting appropriate opportunity for better decision in order to make users more successful in their careers.

On the SANCOJ platform, we allow our Artificial Intelligent Agent (Zingo) to suggest funders, inform funders, persuade funders, negotiate payback strategy and secure funds if approved, for users in need without user, paying any commission to Sancoj.

In summary, Zingo provides opportunities based on the data and information of a particular user in order to give him the most helpful result which turns out to boost success rate of that user.


The Sancoj platform is starting with this set of modules:

1. Jobs / Freelance projects

2. Marketplace (Products, Proper’s and Automobiles)

3. Events

4. Courses

5. Government Contracts

6. Franchise

7. Distributorship

8. Lending

9. Talent Management

10.Buy/Sell Business


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