Sarah Kittoe making waves in the UK ahead of her book launch

Sarah Kittoe
Sarah Kittoe

Eleven-year-old Sarah Afua Kittoe, the British-Ghanaian girl who published three books at age nine, is making the news headlines in the United Kingdom ahead of the launch of her fourth book, slated for Saturday, April 6, 2024.

At age six, little Sarah started writing and by age nine, she had already written and published three books – ‘The Friendship Club’, ‘Lindsey and the Blue Fox’, and ‘Sarah Kittoe’s Colouring Book’ for toddlers.

But currently she has completed and published a fourth book with a Ghanaian theme, titled ‘Ama and the Lost Key’ which launches at Croydon Library in London, on Saturday, April 6, 2024.

A day ahead the fourth book launch, British-based PA News Agency in the UK did article about the book and about Sarah’s unusual commitment to charity, and how she is donating all the proceeds from the sales of her books to two charities in the UK and also to providing an e-library for a school in Ghana, plus refurbishing the library of the school.

Since PA News Agency put out the article, scores of other online news platforms across the UK and beyond, including Yahoo News, The Independent Newspaper, AOL UK, MSN, and Irish News, have curated the story and it is gone viral.

Meanwhile, BBC has also interviewed little Sarah ahead of the book launch for publication online, and have also booked a date to come film the book launch on April 6, 2024.

Sarah’s dad, Albert Kittoe told Techfocus24 “the details of the BBC reporter scheduled to cover the book launch tomorrow have been forwarded to us, so we are expecting them.”

Beyond the several big platforms, over 30 other province-focused publications across the UK also picked the article.

Here are some

Bracknell News, Whitchurch Herald, Glasgow Times, Lancasshire Telegraph, Barry and istrict News, Falmouth Packet, Peterborough Matters, Maldon and Burnham Standard, Harwich and Manning Tree Standard, Milford Mercury, Alloa Advertiser, Basingstoke Gazette, Hertsad, Brentwood Live, Cotswold Journal and Tivyside Advertiser.

Others include Denbighshire Free Press, Irvine Times, Hampshire Chronicle, Bridport News, Burnham and Highbridge Weekly News, Ardrossan Herald, Bournemouth Echo, Sthelensstar, Hereford Times, Evesham Journal, York Press, Swindona Advertiser, Jersey Evening Post, and Perspective Media

There are still several other links such as Suffolk News, Indy 100, Newspower Green, Guernsey Eye Press and many more.

It is important to note that little Sarah Kittoe is taking all the fame in with absolute calmness, as her focus is more on the substance of her journey and not the buzz around it.

She told Techfocus24 in the calmest of tones, “Yeah I am aware of all the media buzz, to God be the glory.”

Her mum, Nozipho Kittoe said “Sarah’s calmness is an indication that she is overwhelmed by national and global attention she is getting – that is how she responds to these things.”

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