Sarah Kittoe publishes her 4th book

Ama And The Lost Key
Ama And The Lost Key

The 11-year-old British-Ghanaian kid author, Sarah Afua Kittoe, who promised to build a library for a school in Tema two years ago, has completed a full e-library and computer lab for the school and she is in the process of completing a physical book library as well.

Sarah was nine years old when she made the promise in 2022, on her first visit to Ghana, which took her on a tour to several media houses in the country, and later to her father’s alma mater, Saint Paul’s Methodist Preparatory School in Tema, where she made the promise to support the school.

At age nine, little Sarah had already written and published three books – ‘The Friendship Club’, ‘Lindsey and the Blue Fox’, and ‘Sarah Kittoe’s Colouring Book’ for toddlers. But currently she has completed and published a fourth book with a Ghanaian theme, titled ‘Ama and the Lost Key’ which launches at Croydon Library in London, on Saturday, April 6, 2024.

Sarah had always donated all the proceeds from the sale of her books to charity. In London she donates regularly to Centrepoint, a charity chaired by King Charles, and the Wednesday Club at West Croydon Methodist Church, which helps homeless people in Croydon.

So it did not come as a surprise to her parents, Albert and Nozipho Kittoe when she elected to extend some of her kindness to the Ghanaian children at Saint Paul’s Methodist Preparatory School in Tema by refurbishing their school library, which got her devastated during her visit.

She has already donated copies of her own books to the school, and now she is delivering on her promise to provide the school with a modern library.


Sarah has so far made good her promise to the school by installing 20 new HP Desktop Computers preinstalled with Jemdroid Learning Apps, which has relevant learning materials from kindergarten all the way to the tertiary level. Sarah also provided new desks and chairs for the library, and has also shipped 13 big boxes of books to Ghana in readiness to start the physical library project as well.

On her return to London after making the promise, she embarked on a fundraiser that saw kind individuals and institutions donating loads of books and some cash to assist her realize her dream. She has also not stopped putting all the proceeds from the sale of her books into her charity projects.

The New Book

Now the new book, “Ama and the Lost Key” is here, and Sarah says the proceeds from that will also go to charity.


In ‘Ama and the Lost Key’, Sarah takes readers on a thrilling journey beneath the dry, orange, dusty sands of Ghana, where a glowing key is discovered lost in the shadows.

The story follows Ama, a young and adventurous girl with love and fire in her heart, as she embarks on a quest to unlock the secrets held by this mysterious key.

Promising unimaginable wealth, the key holds the potential to change Ama’s life forever.

But as she delves deeper into the mystery, Ama learns valuable lessons about the power of unity in the land of gold.

As Sarah continues to make her mark on the literary world, she stands as an inspiring figure for aspiring authors and young individuals everywhere.

Through her actions, Sarah exemplifies the power of youth and the importance of giving back to one’s community.

Even though Sarah is popular from being a young author, she said of herself, “I am interested in Art & Craft, design, music, gymnastics, sports, and food.”

There is no telling what the future holds for a young dreamer, kind-hearted and enterprising person like Sarah Kittoe.

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