SARKODIE Latest Member of Illuminati Revealed:


Ghana and BET award winning artist Sarkodie popularly known in Showbiz as ?OBIDI PON BIDI? is the latest musician to have been ushering in to join the secret cult Illuminati according a hard source available to


Sarkodie and Wizkid.
Sarkodie and Wizkid. information is that Illuminati Secret Agenda Plans to take Over the World controlling and running the world with the power of darkness by using popular music stars that are parts of the secret cult Illuminati to influence unsuspecting fans worldwide.

Our source went further to set the record straight, and said there are no official Illuminati Pastors in Nigeria and Ghana list.


?Illuminati are a secret society and the only way you can know if someone is an Illuminati member is through confessions from previous members or if they?re caught wearing clothing, accessories with obvious Illuminati signs which Sarkodie is found of wearing this cloths.


Also gathered in the recent impressive awards ceremony Sunday night at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles by Black Entertainment Television (BET) is to honor Sarkodie and Wiz kid of their membership into the secret cult.

?Sarkodie is scheduled to hold a couple of shows and meetings with the official members in the society and If you guys are in doubt whether D?banj is an Illuminati member, think again, D?banj is one of the most popular Illuminati member in Nigeria and Sarkodie will soon be popular member because of the Awrad?said the source




A very popular of the secret cult Illuminati is an individual named John Todd who was born in

America was born into witchcraft.?

Witchcraft is considered one of the major practices of Illuminati secret society.

As time goes on, John Todd became a very popular priest for the secret society, Illuminati.

Suddenly, he became very passionate about controlling and running the world with the power of darkness by using popular music stars that are parts of the secret cult, Illuminati to influence unsuspecting fans worldwide.

John Todd later joined the army in order to connect with the covens of witches. He later became a green beret in Vietnam.

According to reports, John Todd left Vietnam where he murdered an ex-commanding officer during an argument in a bar.

He later confessed Illuminati helped him to get out of jail and that Pentagon cleared his military records for him.

According to further confession, Todd said Illuminati are planning to take over the whole world and that all Christians must be prepared because they?re always on the alert.

He said they plan with the help of top world officials to begin the torture and murder of any Christians in the end time.



Illuminati Members List in 2012

Apart from D?banj, Sarkodie, Wizkid been the latest and Charley BOY for Africa other well known members of the secret cult Illuminati are JayZ, Lil Wayne, Dr DRE,Cypress Hill ,Britney Spears,Nicki Minaj,Beyonce,David Bowie,Madonna,Paris Hilton,Aretha Franklin ?? Justin Bieber, Kanye west, Marilyn Manson, Lady gaga, Nas, Rihanna,T-pain,Rihanna,According to our source Sarkodie will be meeting them soon before July ending when he comes back to Ghana? is following this event closely.

By Kwadwo Yeboah Breman –

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  1. Ive always been desperate of joining the Illuminati secret society. I have been scammed before but I still have Faith that I will make it through to join.
    If any good agent in here then please guide me to join please.


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