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Sarkodie And His Long Time Girlfriend Tracy, A True Definition Of Real Love


sarktracyMost girls will gainsay me but if they should be truthful to themselves they will know its the truth am bringing to them.

Girls these days are moved by the scent of a common petrol. A guy with a car is the guy with many ladies around him. If you are without a car then you need to learn how to brag big, boast and act as if you are on your own, [the boss], with such, you are even to the one who has all that and you have the visa to play girls.

I correct myself here, Im not saying all girls in Ghana will go in for such things but i can say 80% of girls in Ghana wont think twice to open in for a guy who drives or lives a luxurious or stardom life.

This is common not in Ghana alone but as a concerned Ghanaian, im discussing about my country.

Most of you will agree with the fact that, the kind of love we used to feel some years ago has now been enfold. In recent times, you only need to show off before a lady sees you as her savior. No wonder sex tape leaks and naked pictures are common these days.

It is very not much these days to see a lady love a guy without any of these, money, car, expensive clothes, fame etc.

On the other hand, it is however almost intolerable for a lady to love a guy for who he is and now for what he is and with this, most ladies and guys will go in for the Friend With Benefit (F.W.B) kind of relationship instead of its rapport.

As the saying goes, nobody knows the beginning of a great person so my dear sisters and girl friends, please learn how to be with a guy not because of any material thing but for the sake of love the two of you share. Imagine how happy it is for you to be loved by the one you love, all the smiles, cuddling, beach walking, good and happy times and the best pleasure from that right person anytime you both need it.


Any other thing aside true love is just a waste of time to girls. After we get what we want, we dont care anymore, it is only when we need it again that we come back to our balmy way.

A girl has to be the RIDE OR DIE KIND OF CHICK.

A girl who can ride with her guy and can also share bad moments with him.


I made a reference with Sarkodie and Tracy, his long time girlfriend because, the girl had a lot of other options to choose from but she sacrificed and loved Sarkodie for who he is and now that the guy has blown up, imagine how happy she will be with Sarkodie. The guy every lady loves is also in love with one lucky girl. How romantic her love story will be.

Sarkodie is one of the celebrities that keep their private lives a secret from the public so my apologies to Sarkodie.


My dear ladies, its never too late for you also to share a romantic story, you can equally bring the star out from the right guy knocking your heart door. Just open up and dont think of those temporal things but you should rather think of how happy the two of you will be to see your children playing one-day, you put your head on his shoulders and you both reminisce about the hard times you encountered way-back but with the strongest feeling of all, LOVE, the two of you conquered it and came up victorious.

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