By Chris Bapuohyele

This Feature Article is my very first article to be published through this medium in the year 2014. And so, I pray it meets in full, the expectations of the Most High One in my obligations to His Kingdom in discharging my responsibilities to my generation; responsibilities He has most graciously appointed and ordained me to discharge.


I would, therefore, be most grateful to readers of this article if they read me carefully and took very seriously my expression of thoughts, and exercised a lot of patience and tolerance in all of this. At the end of it all, I hope this article will not only bring spiritual enlightenment to those who read it, but also the dislodgement of one of the oldest spiritual strongholds in the minds of many salvation seekers of bible persuasion, that has come to them as a result of they exercising faith in a wrong name, and believing it to be the correct one that belongs to the Heaven-sent Savior of the world.


Coming not long after the world-wide celebration of the secular feast of Christmas, a feast wrongfully considered by many to be in commemoration of the birthday of the Son of the Most High One, the Savior of the world, it is my prayer that this article will also cause all revelers of Christmas to rethink what they have come to believe about it and repent of their dedication and commitment to its yearly celebrations, since its recognition and celebration are at variance with the Holy Scriptures.


While searching for the truth of the Most High One by which any sinner must enter His salvation, a salvation He has made freely available to all mankind in and by the sacrifice and name of His Son, a great revelation of the Most High One has been given to me to understand that people who call themselves Christians are the most deceived people on earth and the farthest from being in this glorious salvation of the Most High One.


Though it may seem strange to many people, it is remarkable to note that Christianity did not start with or in the beginning of the first millennium of our Common Era (CE), as many of today?s salvation seekers have wrongly presumed it did. The fact is that, it is wrong to suppose that Christians and their faith in the name ?JESUS CHRIST? have been around since the period commencing immediately after the ascension of the Son of the Most High One in 30 CE, after his thirty-four year sojourn on earth in human form, or that it evolved as a result of his advent to earth, sacrificial death at Calvary, resurrection, and ascension to Heaven.


In the normal scheme of things, a name must either have first existed long before or been in existence at the same time in order for a philosophy, religion, or movement to be formed around it. In the normal scheme of things, therefore, the name JESUS CHRIST must be proven to have existed and been borne by someone who, indeed, ever lived on earth, before Christianity can be credibly or meaningfully tagged to this name.


As it is, no one can find any proof in the Holy Scriptures about the existence of the name JESUS CHRIST before the coming of Christianity. In fact, there is no evidence in the Holy Scriptures that anyone by the name JESUS CHRIST ever lived in the land of the Jews, much alone evidence that reveals this name as the true name of the Savior of the world who came to us from Heaven.


You may argue that the very popular book?The Bible?gives the name JESUS CHRIST as one belonging to the Son of the Most High One who was sent by Him as the Savior of the world. Yes, you may think to be right in this if The Bible, particularly any of its English versions, is your source of information, but that is precisely where the trickery and deception of Satan has come in to hold the minds of mankind in the strongest of all his strongholds since Creation.


The name JESUS CHRIST is neither the name the Most High One gave to His Son, nor is it the name He has set apart for mankind?s salvation. The devil, working in and through the translators of the Holy Scriptures, has introduced the name JESUS CHRIST in order to take salvation seekers from the true name of the Savior by which mankind must be saved.


The Holy Scriptures, originally written in Hebrew, and for Hebrews, has no mention of the name JESUS CHRIST, simply because this name is not Hebrew! The name JESUS CHRIST is obviously English, which was itself derived from IZEUS CHRISTOS of Greek origin.


So then, one must look for the true Hebrew name of the Savior?not any of its corrupted or translated derivatives?and exercise genuine and sincere faith in it, in order to obtain the salvation of the Most High One. You see, those who first believed in the name of the Son of the Most High One only knew of this Hebrew name of the Savior to exercise faith in, for their salvation, and so must anyone, today, show faith in this Hebrew name for his/her salvation.


Fact is, the first believers in the Son of the Most High One, such as the apostles, Peter, James, John, and Saul, did not know the name JESUS CHRIST, neither were they ?Christians? by faith, nor did they ever call themselves ?Christians?, contrary to what English translators of the Holy Scriptures have wrongly led their readers to believe by their statements in Acts 11:26, 26:28 and First Peter 4:16.


All true believers in the Son of the Most High One in the first century, and up until the time the name JESUS CHRIST was rudely thrust unto salvation seekers, were never referred to as ?CHRISTIANS?, but were called and addressed as ?The People of The Way? (cf. Acts 18:25-26, 19:9, 23, 22:4, 24:14, 22), and rightly so, since that appellation is very much in consonance with the persona and one of the key functions of their Master and Leader, the Son of the Most High One, as being the Way to the Father and also as being the only one who can show repentant sinners this one and only way to the Good Father (cf. John 14:6).


So then, if, in the era immediately following the ascension of the Son of the Most High One to Heaven, we neither had his true followers being referred to as ?Christians?, nor ever heard them refer to him as JESUS CHRIST, nor to the summary of their beliefs, practices, and teachings, as today?s salvation seekers have wrongly termed ?Christianity?, who or what was it that later on bewitched salvation seekers to proudly call their leader ?JESUS CHRIST?, themselves, ?Christians?, and the articles of their faith, ?Christianity??


Who caused this twist in faith and terminology? The so-called ?church fathers? of post-apostolic era, who were later on aided by the translators of the English Bible are those who have provided the fodder to many salvation seekers of their day, and many more today, to believe that the true followers of the Son of the Most High One were once upon a time, also known as ?Christians?, beside their descriptive name, ?The People of The Way?, and that, even the name ?Christians?, created by mankind, had been accepted by the Most High One in description of genuine followers of His Son!


This deception by bible translators we find in the English Bible in Acts 11:26. There, translators have stated, emphatically, without giving any reasons for the name change or switch from ?The People of The Way? to ?Christians?. Even though bible translators reveal by their work that the name ?Christians? did not originate from Israel, nor was it ever uttered in Israel (the home place of all true and genuine believers in the Son of the Most High One and of his teachings), but in a foreign land, Antioch, of all places, today?s salvation seekers find no need to investigate how and why this change in name ever came about. (—the continuing part to this article is in Part 2 of 6: Soon to be published).


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