By Chris Bapuohyele

?One would have supposed that salvation seekers today would have diligently sought and investigated to know the reason why a more descriptive name such as ?The People of The Way? would be allowed to give way for one, ?Christians?, whose origin and meaning were only known among people of a foreign land outside of Israel, to come into their faith!


Was it ?The People of The Way? who first decided to call themselves ?Christians?, and, if so, for what reasons; or was it some other people who first decided to call them so? If it were some others who did, then, for what reasons did they do so; and did ?The People of the Way? love and accept such a name?


Was the name ?Christians? in itself complimentary or derogatory to those who were so called by it, and or to those using it? These are questions today?s salvation seekers ought to be asking themselves, instead of boldly and confidently confessing and professing the name ?JESUS CHRIST? from which they derive theirs, ?Christians?, they proudly identify themselves by.


It is sad to note that today?s salvation seekers have gullibly taken in all what translators of the English Bible have offered them in their translations of the Holy Scriptures, without any further thought or questioning, even when it is obvious that these translators were neither mandated nor inspired by the Most High One to do the work they did.


For many centuries now, Christians have been misled by bible translators, through their translations of the Holy Scriptures, which they did without any authorization or mandate by the Most High One, to believe without any shred of doubt that the name ?JESUS CHRIST? was, indeed, the name given by the Most High One to His Son, and that by this name, He would enable mankind to enter His salvation.


Fact is, as all Christians have believed in the name JESUS CHRIST, supposing the faith they express in it gives them the salvation of the Most High One, they delude themselves that they are in this salvation, when, in fact, they are not!


But then, one may ask: what at all is the salvation of the Most High One? The salvation of the Most High One is the state of being, in which sinners, and indeed all mankind for that matter, get to obtain deliverance from the power and dominion to commit sin, and thus, a stay from sin?s evil consequences that must always come upon all sinners, and a deliverance from the dominion of Satan, who is the controller and the one who causes a man?s body to commit sin with impunity, often against the will of the man?s inner most being.


Salvation then must be a glorious state of being, isn?t it? And would anyone suppose that such glory would come easily to mankind, with the fiendish beast, Satan, lurking around and determined to spoil the party? Never! Well, everyone in the state of the salvation of the Most High One, inclusive of all Christians, if indeed they are in this salvation, must manifest this glory for all to see and for man?s enemy, the fiendish and brutish beast called Satan, to be taunted by.


In another vein, salvation is the state of being, wherein mortal man finds and enjoys peace with his Maker, and while on earth, lives in Him in such a holy and divinely-given status that it subsequently gives him the chance and opportunity of having to live in the presence of the Most High One, with His Holy Son, and all His holy angels, in Heavenly fellowship, throughout Eternity, after the much publicized dooms-day that had been prophesied about, ages ago, and is now soon to be fulfilled in the entire earth, has come and gone.


It must be said as forcefully as possible, that, for many centuries, while Christians have been relishing in a hollow kind of joy of being in this glorious salvation of the Most High One, believing to have been delivered from the hand of Satan, and that they were on their way to spending life in Eternity with their Maker just because of their faith in the name ?JESUS CHRIST?, Satan has been the one more jubilant in all of this, knowing with certainty that he has all Christians within his strangulating grips and is gradually and stealthily leading them to an abode where he will spend eternity with them!


Satan is jubilant because the obvious condition and sorry state of Christians is at variance with their beliefs, hopes, and aspirations that they are living in the salvation of the Most High One?what with all the obvious ease with which Christians commit sins, and the many manifestations in their bodies of the evil consequences of sin, such as sicknesses, demonic infestations, poverty, ignorance, etc., bedeviling almost all Christians, and thus, making a mockery of their belief of being in the state of the salvation of the Most High One, in and by their exercise of faith in the name JESUS CHRIST.


The plain truth that is revealed from the spirit of the Holy Scriptures of the Most High One is that, the name, ?JESUS CHRIST? never originated from Heaven, contrary to the strong beliefs of all Christians, which they have been made by English translators of the Holy Scriptures to hold. Rather, this name originated from the earth, is, thus, man-made, and is, as such masterminded by Satan, the originator, controller, and ruler, of all the belief systems and religions of the earth.


The name JESUS CHRIST comes from the Greek IESOUS or IZEUS CHRISTOS; Izeus meaning ?the son of Zeus?; ZEUS, the feared Greek deity/god. Thus, the name JESUS CHRIST is NOT the name ordained by the Most High One, within which He has vested and loaded all His power, wisdom, and will, so as to ensure it brings to mankind salvation from the committing of sin and from the tyranny of Satan!


Simply put, since the name JESUS CHRIST did not originate from the Most High One, is ?unknown? to Him, and, thus, is outside His plans and purposes for mankind?s salvation, it brings no dividends of salvation to them who exercise belief and faith in it! Shocking, isn?t it? But just be patient and read on.


All salvation seekers must know and accept that it is only the Word of the Most High One, which, obviously, always emanates from His Throne Room in Heaven and out of His mouth, which is powerful and mighty enough, as to be able to bring salvation to the inhabitants of the earth. It is not the word of mankind, no matter how good its intents and purposes, originating from earth and directed from his mouth toward the Most High One who is seated upon His Throne in Heaven, which can bring salvation to mankind! In other words, the Earth cannot dictate to Heaven.


It is also only the Word of the Most High One that has power to make, control, maintain and sustain His Creation in whatever manner that He so wishes. So then, if the name JESUS CHRIST did not originate from Heaven, but rather from Earth, it is without the mandate of the Most High One to do anything to His glory in Heaven, or on the earth, or inside the belly of the earth. My dear reader, do please accept this fact and always keep it in your mind and spirit while pursuing the salvation of the Most High One and your desire to enter and live in Heaven.


But, of course, whenever mankind hears the Word of the Most High One, and then identifies himself with it by accepting and believing it with all his heart, he may utter this same Word back to Him in faith from his position on earth, and have Him grant him the blessings and salvation in this Word that he seeks. The Word of the Most High One permits man to do this.


In such situations and acts of faith by mankind, when the Most High One sends His salvation to any man in reward of his faith whenever he, as it were, plays back His Word to Him, it is simply because He has been put in remembrance of His own promises to mankind, which, by His integrity, He must ALWAYS honor (cf. Isaiah 43:26). (—the continuing part to this article is in Part 3 of 6: Soon to be published).


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