Now, let us get deeper into the revelation of the Holy Scriptures in which is copiously revealed a name that is contrary to the one?JESUS CHRIST?which is erroneously believed in by all Christians in their claim to the salvation of the Most High One.


Please note that, when reference is made to what are termed the Holy Scriptures, we are not referring to the words or letters in any of the many versions of the Bible that are in the many languages of the world (or are all these rather perversions of the Holy Scriptures?), but rather the spirit in the original word of the Most High One that He spoke out to men who He inspired to write as He spoke it out to them in the Hebrew tongue (Second Timothy 3:16, Second Peter 1:21).


The Most High One be praised, that, even though His Holy Scriptures that were originally written in the Hebrew tongue are no longer easily obtainable, but rather some kinds of the so-called versions that have been translated into other languages of the world, thereby watering down the value of these Holy Scriptures, to the extent of even perverting them, their true meaning, value, and spirit can still be gained from these translated versions, albeit with a lot of difficulty, when one is aided by the wisdom and knowledge of the Holy Spirit of the Most High One, as one painstakingly searches through the maze of distortions imported by translators into a once pure and holy word.


Though it may come as a surprise to many, the fact is that, the Most High One has never spoken His Word directly to any person in any of the languages of the world, other than in the Hebrew tongue. That also means the Most High One has never spoken directly to anyone who was not a Jew. These two statements alone confirm that anyone with the Holy Spirit dwelling in his spirit will know the name ?JESUS CHRIST? is outside the revelation of the Holy Scriptures simply because the Most High One will never speak Greek or English into Hebrew.


Dear reader, please ponder over these statements of truth and, allow their meanings, values, and power, to permeate your whole being, and do please, for ever live in them. So then, when next time you hear anyone tell the whole world what message he claims to have heard, spoken into his ears directly by the Most High One, ask him to be sure it was Him, indeed, that he heard speak to him in that non-Hebrew tongue of his fathers, and not some lying trickster!


Throughout His dealings with all the inhabitants of the earth, the Most High One has always done so by speaking through only His chosen people, the Israelites. And so, whenever He spoke through His prophets, who were all of the stock of Abraham, He always did so to their hearing in the tongue of their fathers?Hebrew. This we are told in Hebrews 1:1-2 in concrete words, beside the fact that it is also so obvious from one?s familiarity with the Holy Scriptures.


In these very verses of Hebrews, we learn that in times past?that is, before the coming of His only begotten Son to our earth?the Most High One spoke to the inhabitants of the earth only through His prophets who were of Jewish stock. In these last days?that is, ever since the three decades preceding the ascension of His Son back to Him in Heaven?however, He has spoken to mankind only through this Son, who was also of Jewish birth according to the will and set plan of the Most High One.


And so, whether it was in times past or it is in our times today, the Most High One has always spoken in Hebrew, the tongue of the fathers of all His messengers. When last I checked out this, I learned a fact in Acts 26:14 which bible translators could not hide, about the Son of the Most High One, indeed speaking in Hebrew, to a Hebrew of Hebrews, Saul, for his own information and good, and for that of all His Creation as well.


All I am saying is that whenever the Most High One found it important to utter His Word with His own mouth for the information of all mankind, He always spoke the Hebrew tongue, and He always did so to only Jews! Of course, the Most High One also made His will known to Jews through His holy angels, dreams, visions, signs and wonders, and by intuition of His Holy Spirit dwelling in holy men.


Whenever He sought to reveal His will directly to Gentiles, however, He did so only through dreams and or by events and or through circumstances; and there was always available to such Gentiles a Jew in good standing with Him to interpret the meaning of those dreams and occurrences.


Pharaoh and Nebuchadnezzar did not hear the Most High One speak to them, otherwise, they would have clearly understood His messages to them, and not have had the need for the services of Joseph and Daniel, respectively. So also did Belshazzar have need for Daniel to make him understand the meaning of the secret writings on a wall by a mysterious hand!


We can understand that the Most High One does, indeed, speak only the Hebrew tongue when He must by Himself speak to anyone on earth, if we do believe His Word that salvation, as a gift of His to mankind, is primarily meant for the Jews, and that it is in, through, and by the Jews, that any kindred of the earth can be reconciled to Him. Salvation, as the Holy Scriptures reveal, belongs to the Jews.


That is why the Most High One speaks to Jews for the instruction of Gentiles, so they (Gentiles) may come to have the like-faith of the father of the Jewish nation, Abraham, to be able to come into the salvation of the Most High One. If you are a Gentile, like I was some years back but now by the grace of the Most High One have become a Jew, know that salvation indeed belongs to only the Jews, and thus, you must first become a Jew before you can enter the salvation of the Most High One!


How can any Gentile become a Jew as a first step and, thus, be permitted to enter the salvation of the Most High One, by Him, one may ask to know? Very simple, easy, and fast; and I will show you how to enter this glory without further delay.


You see, Abraham, the father of all Jews, first came into his relationship with the Most High One, when he was yet a Gentile of Aramaic stock at a time when he believed Him upon hearing Him say to him to leave his father?s house of idol worshippers, to an unknown land that He was to give him as an inheritance.


That belief of Abraham, in accepting to do as the Most High One commanded him, made Him impute to him His righteousness. In other words, Abraham had the righteousness of the Most High One credited to him by Him, when he agreed to obey His simple instruction that he leave his father?s home to an unknown land He was going to lead him to.


So then, whenever any Gentile is blessed to hear the Word of the Most High One, that essentially introduces His Son to the world as its Savior sent by Him, and accepts that word as His truth, he is deemed by Him to have acted or behaved in the same or like manner as father Abraham did when he first heard His Word, and will as a result also have His righteousness imputed to him by the Most High One, just as He did for Abraham in the beginning of his walk with Him.


It is this like-mindedness with Abraham, in one?s faith in the Word of Elohim and the credit of righteousness to him by the Most High One, which turns all Gentile believers of the Holy Scriptures into the stock of Abraham to enable them enter the salvation of the Most High One. (—the continuing part to this article is in Part 4 of 6: Soon to be published).


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