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Scar Camouflage Is Not Just A Matter Of Aesthetics – Expert Explains

scar camouflage
scar camouflage

Spots and marks on the body can be a reason for a lot of insecurity, especially for women. The scar camouflage technique has been increasingly sought after to correct these imperfections. Fernanda Jaffre is a specialist who has heard many exciting accounts in her clinic.

“I’ve seen people who didn’t just come to erase marks; they also want to erase memories” she says. There are cases in which the scars become insignia after an episode of domestic violence, a tragic accident, or even surgery that the patient had to undergo. Often, the mark is not just an aesthetic discomfort but becomes a problem because presents like trauma memory.

The procedure uses the same principles as micropigmentation and uses a tattoo machine, which applies a pigment to the top layer of the skin. It can be used on different types of scars, regardless of their size or origin, which makes it effective in all case.

Another benefit of scar camouflage is that its duration is permanent and does not change over time. There are cases, however, where color fading may occur, depending on the pigment used. According to the specialist, the range of need for retouching can vary in each person.

Much like a tattoo, camouflage requires some care. Fernanda explains that to prolong the effects of the procedure without the need for maintenance, it is recommended to use sunscreen and avoid sun exposure for at least 40 days after coverage.

Scar camouflage can directly impact a person’s self-esteem, providing them with the courage and security they lack to feel good about their bodies. “It’s a job of rescuing the self-esteem of these people, especially women. When they look at the results and no longer see the imperfections, they start to feel safe with their bodies”, concludes Fernanda Jaffre.

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