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‘Scarlet Minor Chronicles’ released by Kenny Andams


Kenny Andam Scarlet Minor

Written by Ama Nsroma Larbie


Ghanaian publishing author, philanthropist and world class athlete, Kenny Andam?s first novel sequence titled, ?Scarlet Minor Chronicles? tells the story on the career desire of a 16-year old child who yearn to succeed his great-grandfather as a seafarer (sailor).


Scarlet Minor Chronicles comes in five sequences namely Scarlet Minor and the Renegade; Scarlet Minor and the Twin Pikes of Nebo; Scarlet Minor and the Crossed Blades Skull; Scarlet Minor and the Last Atlantic Fleet; and Scarlet Minor and the Isles of Black Gold.


The Chronicles as adventurous, suspicious, and breathtaking as it is, in a way is an emotional life story of the youngster, Scarlet Minor especially when his dream is distorted due to a mysterious past of his role model and great-grandfather, Grandpa Rosendale.


With the quest of succeeding his great-grandfather, Grandpa Rosendale as a Seafarer (Sailor); the distortion of his dream begins when a ghost ship visits the peaceful bay called The Nook ? where he lives with his parents, bringing a curse to the shores of the peaceful town.


The visit of the ghost vessel known as the Renegade, filled with a dangerous and treacherous band called the Pirates of the North Atlantic world is due to the mysterious past of the old man (Scarlet?s great-grandfather) which was being hunted down.


And indeed, the reality of the saying that ?the shadow of the past (good or bad) of our elders, will hunt its generation? steps in as Scarlet Rosendale is imprisoned as a slave to be tortured and killed in order to break the curse of Bodiaka by the Captain of the Renegade, Captain Ambloca.


Narrowly escaping his home at the Nook; the Renegade -the ship that had formerly belonged to his great-grandfather and is rightfully his to claim one day, but that day will come only after winning the life-and-death war between him, now Captain Scarlet and Captain Ambloca.


With Scarlet Minor?s destruction the goal of his opponent, could the mirror image of himself (Scarlet) be a demon sent by Captain Ambloca who confronted Scarlet with supernatural threats?


After breaking the bondage of the curse of the past, will Captain Ambloca give up his pursuit to destroy Scarlet?


This quote: “when gratitude supersedes our desire to accumulate wealth at the expense of others through greed and exploitation, wisdom becomes eminent in our decision making processes throughout our lives!” by the author of the novel Kenny Andam ? comes to play as Scarlet Minor makes good decisions on how to overcome the destructive plans of Captain Ambloca in a quest to take over his great-grandfather?s ship.

Grab your copy of the Scarlet Minor Chronicles on Scarlet Minor Chronicles website: http://www.scarletminor.com/.


Read more about Author Kenny Andam via http://kennyandam.com/ and interact with him;


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