There are unchangeable events that no amount of prayer and fasting can avert. The man of God, Prophet TB Joshua was shown a vision of an impending plane crash. Being passionate for the salvation of souls, he told the whole world to fast and pray between 19th & 23rd March. I believe his desire was to seek God if peradventure this calamity could be averted. But we are not living in heaven. We are living in a complex and contradictory world. And so, in as much as we would often desire that such visions revealing an impending calamity be averted, God in His own wisdom can still allow that calamity to happen as a wake-up call to all and sundry; so that we will not put our trust in the things we have made in this world, but in the Living and most high God.

wpid-TB-Joshua-300x195.jpgWhat crime then, has the man of God committed? Why vilify TB Joshua for asking the whole world to fast and pray if perhaps in God’s mercy, an unchangeable event could be changed? For with God nothing is impossible. Jonah was sent to Nineveh to tell them about an impending calamity, but when the whole nation fasted including their animals, God changed the event in their favour.

Perhaps, you and I did not take the words of Prophet TB Joshua seriously; perhaps if we had joined him in truth and in faith, this calamity could have been averted. But here we are – a generation without faith and without hope. Oh, that this generation will wake up to know there is a prophet of God in our midst. Well, if they rejected Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God, I’m not surprised that this generation reviles TB Joshua whenever he speaks; for a servant cannot be greater than his master. But when the servants of God speak, the wise listen! Are you among the wise? Good morning.

Source: Yoofi Nana – Accra, Ghana



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