Scoliosis Awareness Day held at Oddarene Christian School

Miss Ama Nhyira
Miss Ama Nhyira

Mr. Gabriel Ntow Quao, President of the Scoliosis Foundation Ghana (SFG) has appealed to the government and corporate bodies to support them in their activities.

Speaking to Yours Truly at the Oddarene Christian School in Dansoman, Accra on Monday where a Screening Exercise and Talk was held, he said this is the seventh year since the Foundation was formed, and their objective is to create awareness and minimize the health problem in Ghana.

He expressed that they organize an annual Walk and Screening programme to educate people on the health concern.

According to Mr. Quao, the Walk from the Dansoman Roundabout to the Oddarene Christian School was very alluring and successful.

During the Talk, Rev. Kweku Addo, Proprietor of Oddarene School showed appreciation to all those who joined and supported the Walk.

Miss Ama Nhyira, a gospel musician heralded the event before Miss Oyesimisola Fagbenro shared her experience, and informed that Scoliosis is curvature of the spine.

She was not born with Scoliosis, but at age 13, she had the health problem and it was detected and corrected, so she advocated for early detection and education in schools.

She said the problem grows fast, so parents and teachers must always be observant, however not all problems need surgery.

“As Africans we need to to get ahead of the curve” she expressed.

Madam Juliet Azaad Azedi, a patron also shared her experience, saying 13 years ago she detected having the ailment, but luckily has financial support for correction, through physiotherapy and other methods like reading from the internet and medical assistance.

She called for encouragement to those who have Scoliosis, and early screening to detect.

Mr. Isaac Baidoo who delivered the keynote address advised people not to discriminate or show apathy to people with the ailment as it is not a stigma.

He revealed that their Foundation is an NGO to promote and educate to dispel fear among Ghanaians, they also believe in social acceptance and no form of disability must be tolerated.

He proposed the 3Rs meaning; Rescue, Rehabilitation and Reintegration in a five year project for people with Scoliosis to address issues and help them.

He emphasized support from the Columbia University, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education to empower patients to become economically important.

He hinted that efforts are being made to train them in music, acting and other professions that do not require much power or energy.

Other patrons of the Scoliosis Foundation are Mr. Enoch K. Miwornunyie, Naa Motsoo Shika I, Seriki Alhaji Massud and Rev. Kweku Addo.

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