Sean Nalewanyj Discusses the Best Way to Reach Your Fitness Goals in 2022

Sean Nalewanyj
Sean Nalewanyj

Setting big goals at the start of the year is standard practice for many people. Since having a fit and in-shape body is such a strong desire for the majority, it’s natural that this finds its way to the top of most “New Years Resolutions” lists. Sean Nalewanyj believes that having a strong desire to get started is crucial, but learning how to develop the proper long term habits is the real key to reaching your fitness goals.

Sean Nalewanyj is a fitness coach, YouTuber, and writer. In addition to sharing evidence-based training and nutrition advice, Sean is also the founder of RealScience Athletics, a supplement company that delivers research backed, clinically dosed formulas to optimize overall performance and health.

Sean’s career is devoted to helping people achieve the lean and muscular body they’re after in an effective but also sustainable way. He knows the variety of hurdles and challenges most people will run into along their journey and has developed a long list of reliable strategies for his clients to overcome them.

The first step to crushing your fitness goals in 2022 is very clearly defining what you want to achieve. Sean explains that it becomes much easier to give up when you get into a workout routine and diet without a concrete vision of what you want out of it. Whether it’s losing body fat, gaining muscle, or just improving overall health and fitness, a clear cut goal allows you to track your progress and identify exactly where you are along the process.

When Sean Nalewanyj started his own fitness journey, he found himself frustrated at the lack of results by trying to copy the routines of other popular bodybuilders. That made him realize the individual component that is involved and that you can’t just blindly follow someone else’s program thinking you’ll get the same result.

“Most people have no clue where to start on their fitness journey, and so they simply jump online and try to replicate the workout plan of some popular influencer without really considering what they’re doing,” shares Sean. “This very often leads to frustration since the program isn’t truly tailored to their own body and needs,” he adds. Instead, Sean recommends that you take the time to put in the research and learn how a proper training routine is designed so that you can modify it to your own goals.

“In addition to understanding what you want to achieve and how to get started, you also need to understand that this is a long term game”, says Sean Nalewanyj. “It’s natural to want fast results, but it just doesn’t work that way when it comes to achieving real muscle growth and fat loss. This is about very small, incremental progress that slowly adds up over the course of several months. It’s important to accept this up front in order to prevent discouragement and maintain realistic expectations. “

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