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Seattle NPP Clashes With National Leadership 

Seattle Npp Clashes With National Leadership 
Seattle Npp Clashes With National Leadership 

Seattle, Washington, renowned for its vibrant Ghanaian community, has long been a hub of activism and leadership. Among its distinguished residents are Dr. Kofi Baidoo, Nana Afful, and Attorney Nicholas Nuamah, esteemed figures who once stood against the tyranny of the Rawlings regime.

In 2016, a new chapter in this legacy unfolded with the formation of NPP Seattle, a collective endeavor by the younger generation to carry forward the torch of justice and progress. Notable among their achievements was the pivotal support rendered to former Hon. George Andah in his successful bid against Hon. Hannah Tetteh in 2016.

With over 50 dedicated members, NPP Seattle’s commitment to the cause garnered recognition, notably from Hon. Ken during his visit in 2016. His endorsement underscored the importance of formal registration, seen as a crucial step in amplifying their impact.

However, bureaucratic hurdles obstructed their efforts to register. Mr. Augustine Agbenaza, the Branch Secretary did not follow through with Seattle NPP after a series of phone calls and text messages.

Recently, the community was thrown into disarray upon learning of a parallel chapter emerging, allegedly with the backing of national executives. Despite numerous engagements seeking integration, their appeals fell on deaf ears, leaving them marginalized and excluded from the decision-making process.

The motive behind this parallel entity remains shrouded in mystery, compounded by the refusal to acknowledge the established Seattle chapter’s existence. This lack of transparency has left the community bewildered and disheartened.

In response to escalating tensions, community leaders in Seattle, including the respected figure Professor Baah have called for calm and unity. Despite numerous efforts from NPP Seattle to integrate their chapter with the new one, an impasse persists, with Miss Olivia, spearheading the parallel chapter with the support of NPP USA. The question is how does NPP USA disregard a defacto group called NPP Seattle, with a track record evident by Hon. George Andah, the First Lady of Ghana, Hon. Ken Agyapong, the Vice President of Ghana, and many influential members of the party. So why the need for negligence in approving a parallel chapter spearheaded by an unknown woman called Olivia? When the General Secretary of NPP USA Mr. Augustine Agbenaza, had been on communication terms with the leadership of NPP Seattle for over 7 years! Their answers are buried in assumptions & confusion regarding the demographic of Seattle.

Frustrations are compounding among already disfranchised NPP. The lack of clarity regarding the motives behind the parallel chapter has fueled suspicions of ulterior agendas. In light of this, NPP Seattle has taken a firm stand, urging its members to boycott the launch of the parallel chapter and withhold any financial support.

Questions loom over the rationale behind establishing a new chapter without a thorough understanding of the community’s needs and without engaging existing local leadership. The leadership of NPP USA stands accused of negligence for failing to conduct due diligence before sanctioning this divisive move, jeopardizing the unity and cohesion of the Ghanaian community in Seattle.

Phil Appiahene Gyamfi
Chair of the de facto NPP Seattle Chapter.

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