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Seeking and Maintaining the Top Four Earthly Blessings

Earthly Blessings
Earthly Blessings

Although we cannot totally exclude God on anything, this discussion is earthly or secular leaning. A fairly decent atheist will be able to relate along. Character, Health, Wealth (Finance+), and Beauty are the top four Earthly blessings in my opinion. Each have branches and sub branches with stems , fruits, and how you may be able to relate to. The individual’s character, health, wealth, and beauty can certainly go up or down during his or her stay in this world. Happiness is very vital , but it can be attained in good or evil and almost not dependent on us in many ways. I will say seek the good ways and let happiness come search for you, or at least the highest parts of happiness. Pain is worth avoiding except what I call reasonable pain, which can become happiness to many. Beyond avoiding pain, you must avoid causing others undeserved pain. I think we have touched on character a bit.

Character is a very complex thing and different prophets and Philosophers talked about it in vague terms, but in interlacing agreements, between regions and times. To many religious folks , sexual and financial character are paramount. Considering our every choice have something to do with character, we simply putting it number one, but you will surely need character in the other three. Conscience, humility, and gratitude may very well be the roots of character, but the major branches are intelligence, truth, and kindness. Humankind barely used conscience before major religions, especially outside blood families. Today, many religious people ignore the importance of using the conscience but I consider it the first and last test of humankind . If character has one root then it is conscience, if humility and gratitude are roots or bloodlines, you still need conscience to reach certain levels of humility or gratitude. Since roots are complex, better we focus on the branches. How is your character on intelligence, truth, and kindness; plus your character to those who respect or disrespect the mentioned branches? Once you stop trying to raise your character and/or others’ character, you have stopped growing. Of course money worshippers want you to raise their money, not their character . Ch. 91 tells us, ‘successful will be those who raise their conscience ‘. So it is like a task that may demand more than praying, because the other verses told us we can ignore or literally kill our conscience, towards failure. Although character for life after death exists for those who believe so, but character for this earth, especially later parts of life is very crucial. Character beyond faith in the lens of ch.103 is very deep and may we pass in every sense of the word. Seeking and maintaining character requires help or accepting help.

Health is what some call the new wealth, but it is indeed an all time personal wealth of humans. Because most humans are lucky to be healthy at childhood, we tend to take health for granted until we get unhealthy. Some cultures have few healthy rituals, but how much time , money, or xyz they really invested on health? Religions like Islam have five daily prayers, which we now know is healthy favor, but can other higher healthy favors be added? Hindus value religious yoga, but yoga exists with animals and varyingly in other cultures as reflex… Our government era needs to grow on health perspective and avoid over commercialising it. Once we agree on seeking health as responsibility , it will mean lot more than curative or rescue oriented health governments lean on. The bible claims, ‘people suffer due to lack of knowledge’. There is also a koranic verse that says, ‘you will suffer until my intelligence reach you.’ Beside confirming, I think people do suffer due to lies and cruelties. However, when deeper intelligence of God reaches you, then you can resist liars and cruel ones to avoid such suffering.

Seeking Health have to have things we avoid and things we do. Personally I consider physical exercise the most important means to good health. Through God’s revealed intelligence, we can seek varying levels of health. Real health is extremely joyful, not just free of pain. Real health is bodily and mental freedom. Even questionable drug users will tell you ‘heaven is in the mind or mindset’, but our bodies are actually source of heaven or hell at varying levels . You can walk in extreme joy, exercise in extreme joy, even physically work in extreme happiness. Because many humans dedicate about eight hours daily to make money, we must demand at least two hours daily to seek health. You can start it now as an individual, but if you own a company or family, make it verifiable mandatory. If you run a country or xyz, demand it with pressure tactics. When you , your family, your workers, your citizens are healthy, they are much closer to being happy and much more productive.

I honestly believe governments should strategically compete in what I call preventive health centers than building hospitals. By that I mean if your hospital budget is two Billion dollars, take one billion dollars and build preventive health centers across the country. Such centers will have a gym, yoga hall, swimming pool, etc and a reasonable monthly maintenance fee just like people pay at cure leaning health centers. The daily wage of ordinary laborer as monthly bill for preventive health is good. The private sector will compete just like private schools and government may even subsidise where need be. You lead, set the standards, and they follow to beat you. The private preventive health centers can add many other healthy things. Once you understand health may be more important than many degrees, then you will understand governments, especially developing countries, should see it as investment. Small Gambia have many poor gyms in the biggest towns, but having a preventive health center in every village with a clinic is affordable and will add to our health , tourism, and wealth. Government can take a loan for such than roads, or seek a caring billionaire than Bill Gates with vaccines. Charge reasonable and show the non exercising ones why they are often sickly and should pay more at curative centers that are supported by private and government preventive health centers taxes and fees… Countries like u.s can just regulate private ones in most parts, but erect some in poor neighborhoods with culture of cameras, and I assure you it will help than Obamacare. Capitalism over commercialises even health beyond high drug prices and insurance without preventive health habits pressure tactics. Show me your xyz verifiable hours of exercise and get xyz percent discount on your health insurance. Much better than asking inherited diseases.

Exercise and enough exercise are different. Do not rely on the so called 30 minutes walk they recommend, especially if you are a male. Governments advises can be questionable and they should facilitate enough of such than electricity or roads… measure your health by at least flexibility, strength, and endurance. I highly recommend yoga for flexibility, gym for strength, and quality vegan food with cardio for endurance. About only ten to fifteen percent of Gambian youths are fit or rated A on body fitness, and if we raise it to ninety percent of the populace, then our intelligence and work productivity will rise and tourism for husband and/or wife will come more than part time sexual tourism. Our president have a gym, our top officials have tax payer’s gym access some use, but they are blind to how helping ordinary villagers access even paid healthy services can give politicians+ more privileges? Reduce urban migration. Imagine: Run to the Gambia, even their villages have gyms, swimming pools for Olympic medals, or healthy body that feels like marijuana and looks like diamond to hug? Our present poor gyms are often too small, crowded after working hours, and lack 24 hours culture. We can transform that by having my type become or partnering with a billionaire or even millionaire.

Conscientious food truly exists and does help in health. I never knew the health benefits of vegan lifestyle when I tried vegetarianism, but I certainly see health benefits as spin off. Considering I am healthier than many of my meat eating age mates, my health problems seem to actually stem from lack of enough exercise. Every time I exercise enough and regularly, I see significant improvement in looks and feeling. May God raise it even more and help me to help others beyond advice.

Wealth or primarily finance is indeed a major earthly blessing. Virtually anything man made can be achieved through wealth. Natural blessings are totally controlled by God, but man made things demand finance and God’s help. Our character in the learning and working worlds do contribute to if one becomes rich or not. Of course, our environment matters. The financial opportunities u.s offers are largely bigger than the Gambia . Finance is a world of let’s, so sanctions or lack of good partners can make an intelligent, hard working, or truthful man financially poor. As individual, you may be able to resist and survive with little money, but as country it is very hard to resist like Cuba, China, Iran, and Russia. How many Cubans+ look better than many rich Americans? Wealth seems to be major corrupting point of character, from individuals to governments. So it is indeed vital, but I caution everyone, especially those who believe in God. Can God help you with money without u.s or xyz help? Most certainly. However, if you neglected learning or working character, God may test you himself. I rather get hard financial test than hard health test. Since character can be improved, you just try to adjust and wealth will also likely come through. When you fall on health or wealth, it may take years to recover. So both seeking and maintaining such are sometimes challenging, then recovering may be even more challenging.

In some countries it is very hard to find good partners or workers for wealth. So things like culture of cameras and very honest mind uplifting will be needed or they may ruin the little you may have. This is another world where conscience matters, but partners like governments can be challenging on raising conscience . Governments worship wealth, but need to value character and health in new light. By and large, riches help you attain even better character, health, and beauty than being poor.

Beauty, including handsome guys , is a very great earthly blessing. Ch.95 ‘We have created man in the best mold, then we reduce him to the lowest, except those who do good..’ are very challenging verses of the Koran. I actually love birds in some aspects of beauty than humans, but I sure rather be human than the most beautiful bird. Humans , especially after the invention of mirror, brings joy and new challenges. Beautiful face, beautiful upper body, and beautiful lower body are the lofty targets , plus maintaining all. Even our face can rise or fall in beauty, and part of it is through our choices. You can learn how through intelligence or please let the Lord leads you towards achievements you never dreamt about. I sure do not recommend cosmetic surgeries. Our bodies are where God’s forgiving nature seems most pronounced on earth. By raising your character on food , exercise, environment, etc God tends to remake our bodies in ways that keep me wondering if we cannot happily live million or more years in human body, especially in a nice environment. I do not believe age takes away beauty and many blessings. I may not get all the answers yet, but our choices have a lot to do why we ‘remain beautiful’ or fall… Humans are fragile, but our beauty is just unquestionably above any visible creature on earth. Of course, like varying characters, varying health, varying wealth, varying beauty also exists. You may need tolerance and more efforts and patience, or you may pursue beauty against character and fall from even beauty…

Whereas having a beautiful partner matters, you should try to be beautiful first to deserve beautiful partner? Your own beauty is first for your own morale boosting. When you look at yourself In the mirror, thank God for every great part, remember functionality matters than beauty, but acknowledge and work where need be. Massage and stretch for reshaping. Some natural and semi natural products like essential oils are for health and beauty. The reason we separate health and beauty is indeed one can be temporarily beautiful and unhealthy; but when you lose beauty , you are closer to losing health. The two are very related. Artificial beauty through make-up is not what I am talking about. Real healthy ways, from food, exercise, and others add beauty as spin off. So I think both men and women should seek and try to maintain beauty.

We focus on beautiful bodies, but beautiful places and beautiful things are all blessings worthy of seeking, but conscientiously and without ignoring the higher blessings. Nature remains supreme, but I do not think man is forbidden to enhance nature through products of learning, God revealed knowledge and with largely consistent good effects. May God bless us with Showlove Trinity : Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo

An Activist and Transformer.

Optional note:

The honest reality is life is like a relay, but as mature adults, you should learn and build without fear. The type of parents you have versus mine can significantly affect our early character, including how much each values health, means to wealth or beauty. Beside parents, our countries of birth or visited countries count. Then God may teach you or myself to try to raise countries beyond birth and visited ones. In the world of character, He teaches the conscience and we simply accept and spread, or reject. On health, we use His products and revealed knowledge to go higher, or choose indifference and questionable faith to fall. On wealth, I am really yet to fathom why I am not yet a millionaire. I am however happy and not overly suffering. On beauty and functionality, sometimes I reach higher than when I was twenty . So regardless of the past and present, I am fairly certain that the future can be much brighter than humans I deem luckiest… You took the looks of your parents or grandparents, but your own lifestyle will affect your end than what you took from them. The other more important things than looks are also for you to seek the highest points with reasonable risks. Sometimes I even use reasonably dangerous products like Prednisolone to help me eat more or ease my arthritis, as compliment or where marijuana strains are not meeting expectations. Whether or not I live long, I want to live conscientiously first, then happily second. Like everyone, I want long and prosperous life beyond self. However, I see many of my earthly blessings as rescue and earth as a challenging questionable place. A place where governments hunt some truthful folks, where governments deny great products like marijuana, where humans unnecessarily hurt each other at times, deny even family members learning or working opportunities, etc is not heavenly. Still, I see part of that as the challenge to get better than earth or average earthly blessings. I strongly believe God exists, life after death exists, and we should seek it through character than building products for space exploration. If I go to space, it will be for learning, not as escape.

Our environment is crucial, but greatest environments on earth seem to have lot of financial poverty, or look at black Africa and South America. Of course you can try to be among the rich in such or go to rich countries and wonder how many people suffer there financially and beyond. We see millionaires committing suicide or murders, accused of rape, etc. So living in healthy Africa with good or bad character, or living in financially rich western world with good or bad character are not far apart. In the world of urging, you can use the Internet anywhere and the trying poor may actually need you If you are bright, working age, or retiring with reasonable money. There are healthy and unhealthy people in both worlds. Beautiful and ugly folks in both worlds. Be the best you can be anywhere, and try to help beyond self or even your continent. We have one sun , one God, and He promised payment on every good, regardless of where it was done or intended.

Optional note 2:

Or do they say the God of Koran, Cannabis, Africa, or xyz is ready to help beyond words and make billions or hundreds of millions more healthy through Jarga? Or do they say the president of Ghana, Nigeria, Saudi, Morocco, or xyz will invite me or steal the idea and God still pay me more than what humans can ever pay? Or do they say Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, or xyz will will try to do better than Bill Gates, fully fund or challenge based fund these centers across and beyond Africa? How many rich Africans enjoy gym in cities or looking at healthy looking people and ever reflect on helping villagers access a time based need? What will be the reward of those who help thousands, millions, or billions access opportunities to higher health and beauty? Ch. 55: ‘Can the reward of good be anything but good’? Then ch. 99. ‘Who so ever does an atom’s weight of good will see…’ So wish and strive, for the inspiring Lord is not blind , nor unable . Didn’t he found you weak and strengthening you? Didn’t he took you around the world to teach you and teach you in private what is yet to exist or you never saw? Invite to the way of God, His are the earthly and heavenly blessings, allowing whom He wills into them. We have bestowed and bestowing favors upon you, can give you more, and can help whom we will through you. When their wives get healthier, when their mothers feel joy or lot less pain, or when their hospitals get lot less patients, they may or may not remember you, but the Kind Lord knows you are of great character, praying and trying good for humankind.

How healthy was Muhammad (pbuh) at age 40 to 63, running what distance at annual Hajj to hint Running is Godly and not about age? How many Imams or Pastors of that age and beyond do regular exercise due to religion, doctors, or conscience with science? Please urge your sisters, mothers , and daughters+ to swim for health, not just Olympics, or you rather pity and help pay curative health bills? It is only through God’s favor the ideas reach us, and higher favor for it to be realised beyond individuals, but in groups, across countries and continents. ‘Peace and blessings be upon the messengers and the believers. Praises be to the Lord of the universe.’

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