Nana Akufo-Addo
Nana Akufo-Addo

Saturday, January 25, 2014

A string of self-damaging utterances have helped the NPP?s Akufo-Addo to score many own goals. We know him as such: ?I must win the Presidential elections at all costs?; “All die be die”; “Yen Akanfuo”; “the late Theresah Tagoe, has a big butt”, “I am a virile man-?ask the young women”. All that gas from one man who sees Ghana’s Presidency as a birthright!!

The self-damage is irreparable. That is why I am persuaded that there is nothing to gain from the kind of self-projection that has taken centre-stage in the NPP’s kind of “rogue” politics in his favour.

A few days ago, we were perfunctorily told that the party’s twice defeated Akufo-Addo had postponed his return to Ghana this January and would now do so in March. The puerile reason clearly revealed to me how narrow-minded some could be:

“He doesn’t want to be in Ghana at the time that the party’s election of polling station, constituency, and regional executives would be taking place”. In other words, he won’t want to be fingered as a factor in the factionalism tearing the party apart.

Thus, staying back in London for two more months would be a better way to distance himself from the internal wranglings. As if the internal wranglings sprang up only after he lost the 2012 Presidential elections or at this time that the elections to choose the party’s officers will be taking place.

Or as if we don’t know how some of the “old” national and regional/constituency executives have paved the way for him (Take Amoako Tufuor and Kwadwo Owusu-Afriyie, PC Ofori-Appiah, Ken Agyapong, and all the others already rooting for him, for instance). And the stentorian campaign of vilification against Alan Kyerematen and Konadu Apraku too!!

Who will be so ignorant as to believe this balderdash? Even while hiding in London and deceiving his unwitting party followers that he hasn’t yet made up his mind to attempt a third effort at the Presidency at Election 2016, he has been careless enough to expose his underbelly: actively making utterances to confirm that he has already made up his mind to fight for the flagbearership in December 2014 (barring any implosion after the March 2014 delegates congress to elect the national officers of the party).

Akufo-Addo has been using his surrogates to do his work for him and is assured that he still commands some support in the party’s ranks to confirm his status as the flagbearer.

He is deceiving himself that nobody knows that he isn’t waiting for the hand of God to point him to his future political direction, having already made up his mind and hiding behind that smokescreen of religion to thicken the wool covering the eyes of his party’s followers. (And he thinks that by snuggling to the Muslim community in London he will be playing it safe).

Now, what do we hear but some glorifying messages from faceless people doing his trench work for him? And the worn-out message is summed up this way: “Akufo-Addo?s integrity impeccable – Group”

(see Ghanaweb:

I wonder the kind of INTEGRITY they are talking about. The kind of integrity that repelled voters from him at the elections that he lost but sought to use the weaknesses in the system to subvert? Or the integrity that borders on his personal unenviable character traits?

Friends, we are waiting for him to emerge as the flagbearer for 2016 and we will do to him what we did to get him out of reckoning at Elections 2008 and 2012.

At 72 years by the time the next elections will be held, no one needs to tell Akufo-Addo that he is a spent horse and should just go and lie low somewhere. For the records, his father died at 73 after accomplishing a lot to register himself as a giant in Ghanaian politics and legal system.

Edward Akufo-Addo was one of the “Big Six”, fighting for Ghana’s good, even if he later parted ways with the Great Osagyefo to join the “Ma te me ho” cabal. He rose to become Ghana’s Chief Justice before being crowned the titular President.

In all those pursuits, he didn’t have to over-stretch himself. What was genuinely his came to him; he didn’t have to force “the there to be there”. He prepared himself for all those moments and made it at the opportune time.

Not for this his son, who is over-stretching and over-reaching himself to force a river to flow upstream. Indeed, whatever is stretched too much bursts into fragments. If anything can fetch Akufo-Addo the Presidency, it is not his integrity because there is none of it to turn the voters’ crank!!

He is expected to add value to himself to change the impressions that haven?t helped him realize his childhood ambition of becoming Ghana?s President. So far, he hasn?t done so to warrant his being projected as someone with an impeccable integrity.

Integrity, my foot!!

I shall return?

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