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Senator Philip Aduda betrayed

Abuja FCT


The run-up to ruling People?s Democratic Party?s delegate election was particularly very interesting in the Federal Capital Territory [FCT]. It was characterized by impunity, arm-twisting, betrayal, blackmail, disloyalty and misinformation. Senator Philip Aduda witnessed disloyalty and betrayal first hand and by now, he should be making critical assessment of his magnanimity to the scoundrel politicians that openly worked against his interest. This writer is now convinced beyond doubt about the wise saying that, Trust is a Burden as it correctly described what happened to Senator Aduda ahead the FCT delegate elections. It was interesting to note that the most trusted leaders of Senator Aduda?s support blocks in the six [6] Geo-political zones involved in the politics of FCT, openly exhibited disloyalty to him despite his good intentions to them. Reports had it that Aduda at one point bought cars and distributed to these leaders among other things.

Before the delegate elections, the general belief was that Alhaji Wowo, the Special Assistant to the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory [FCT] on political matters who is said to be the anointed candidate of the minister, had been primed to replace Senator Philip Aduda, the incumbent FCT lawmaker at the apex level-National Assembly. The irony of the whole Wowo senatorial intrigue was that the move to replace Senator Aduda was not based on poor representation from Aduda himself, but rather, it has its foundation on Wowo?s quest to leverage on Senator Bala Mohamed?s alleged financial backing and popularity in FCT to further his senatorial ambition. The partisan role of some powerful officials of PDP in FCT also helped in fine-tuning the botched ambition of Wowo.

The decision by the leadership of PDP to reward Senators that had performed creditably at the National Assembly, which invariably put paid to the ambition of Senator Wowo and exposed the underground treacherous moves of those political leaders Senator Aduda thought were with him in FCT; and has now opened a good avenue for Senator Aduda to take stock of his political associates with a view to weeding out undesirable elements in his camp. Notwithstanding that he, Aduda received backstabbing as thank you from those leaders he invested a lot on; Political pundits believe that on a platform devoid of alleged godfather backing, Senator Wowo is no match for Senator Aduda in FCT politics any time, any day because of Aduda?s acceptability.

By now, what may be going on in the mind of Senator Aduda is: so, Trust is a Burden. So, those I trusted so much and laboured to serve and service, can betray me just like that!? Viewed from the perspective of what transpired before the delegate election in FCT, pundits believe that the time has come for Senator Philip Aduda to realign his political force with progressives in FCT. They reasoned that as he can now see, those leaders from the Southeast, Southwest, Northeast, Northwest, North central and South-south he hitherto had confident in their ability to deliver him; have disappointed him terribly, so much so that they can now be described as ?poison chalices?; not suitable for political consumption anymore. Although, this writer is not canvassing for a total abandonment of old political friends and allies; what is simply canvassed is a thorough investigation of those hitherto trusted leaders involved in the botched Anti-Aduda movement, with a

view to knowing those that might have been conscripted into the ?Wowo for Senate project? by force[s] greater than them, as well as those that willingly joined the project out of sheer betrayal and disloyalty, for possible backward integration.

Even with the alleged backing by FCT minister, pundits had predicted a total battle between incumbent Senator Philip Aduda and Senator Wowo, with Aduda carrying the day as a result of his closeness to the people of FCT. Political analysts have equally advised that despite Aduda?s political edge over Senator Wowo in FCT, he must not rest on his oars as the real political battle is ahead the 2015 general elections, where it will be a straight fight between PDP and APC. To political analysts, while those politicians forced to join Anti-Senator Philip Aduda project, will be remorsefully willing to work for the success of Aduda in 2015, those unrepentant betrayers will like to team up with APC in 2015; so the need for total reconciliation in FCT PDP becomes imperative. Already, these elements have shifted battle to the media. Stories like, Senator Aduda, Hon. Jisalo, show your score cards can be seen on the pages of newspaper[s]. Another slogan is that PDP will not win FCT because of imposition.

It is politically dangerous, if not suicidal for a politician to generally harbor identified political betrayers and disloyal elements in his camp. For Senator Philip Aduda, no other option is available than to flush out well known betrayers and treacherous elements within his camp for his political survival.

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