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Seven ways to be a wonder woman


If you look great, you feel great and there?s nothing that makes you look better than a clear complexion and glowing, fresh skin. Some skin products can cost a fortune though. To cut costs, ditch the branded products and make your own. Simple items from your fridge and cupboard will work wonders on dull or spotty skin. Take a good dollop of natural yoghurt and apply to your face. Leave the yoghurt mask on for 20 minutes, and then wash off. Another effective face mask is the honey and aspirin treatment. Crush two aspirins and add to one tablespoon of organic or manuka honey. Apply to your face and wash off after 20 minutes. The aspirin contains beta-hydroxy, an ingredient that will refresh your skin.

If Monday?s make you feel sick with dread then it is time you got yourself a job you love. It is estimated that we will spend around 1800 hours at work each year. 1800! A lot of women stay in jobs they dislike because they don?t really know what they want to do. To figure out what career you?re best suited to make a top 10 list of things you really enjoy. It doesn?t matter if the things you like don?t seem work-related. For example, if you like meeting with friends and talking through their problems, you could think about going on a counselling course. Or if you love to go for walks in the countryside, you could consider becoming a tour guide. Even if you need to work hard to get new qualifications, be brave and do it because the rewards are worth it.

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If your boyfriend constantly lets you down and makes you unhappy seriously think about whether he?s worth it. If your friend was dating him, what would you advise her? Although everyone deserves a Prince Charming your relationships are in your control and if it?s not working move on. Life is too short. If you?re single and looking for the one then be open-minded. Date people you may not think you?re attracted to or typically get on with. But before you look for a man make sure you are in a good place ? are you happy, healthy and feeling confident? Don?t rely on a man to get these things for you because they can?t. If you?re in a positive place you?ll also attract more positive guys.

As sad as it is the eternal promise of BFF doesn?t often work out. Friends move on, physically or emotionally, and it can be hard to find decent replacements. To get a gal group you need to get out there. Go to any parties you?re invited to and when you?re there don?t stand like a lemon in the corner. Talk to people and mingle. Go to classes that you have a real interest in and organise socials. Volunteering is also a great way to meet new people. If you?re not ready to break your BFF pact yet and would prefer to work on your relationships then the number one thing to do is be honest. Women often find it difficult to be totally truthful to friends. Address any issues head on; if they?re worth it, they?ll hang on and work at it.

The clock is our enemy and the only way to battle it is to get organised. Begin by cutting down on time-consuming chores like cooking. Make big batches of dinners when you have a free afternoon ? like curries, chillies, soups and lasagnes ? then freeze them. These can become healthy and quick ready meals. Your next job is to make time for things you enjoy. If you want to read more or would love to learn a language, buy an audio CD or download a podcast that you can listen to on your commute. Finally, cut out anything that you don?t get pleasure from ? bad friends, useless TV shows, hobbies you now hate. Time is far too precious to waste, so be a little selfish and only use your free time doing things you love.

Let?s face it, whether we love it or loathe it, money is important and figuring out how to bulk up our bank accounts is something we?d all like to do. First of all, make a money diary. Make a list of everything you spend in one month. You might be surprised how the little things, like an alfresco lunch or a cute lipstick, add up. Then look at some of your larger bills ? your gym membership, your car, your rent. What could you reduce? Could you cancel your gym membership and work out from home or in your lunch hour? Could you share lifts or use your bike to get around? If cutting expenses isn?t your style think about making some extra money. Think about the skills you have and how you could use them to make extra money ? such as tutoring or freelancing.

Dieting is difficult. We all try to change our eating habits for a better figure, clearer skin and more energy, but typically we return to our normal dieting ways. One of the biggest hurdles we all fall over is cutting out some of the more filling foods, like potatoes and meats. Instead of cutting them completely, make sure you eat smaller portions of carbohydrate and protein for lunch and dinner.  This will ensure you are fuller for longer and will help you resist fattier treats. As well as cutting down on certain foods make sure you get munching on some of these female-friendly foods too: salmon (for enhancing your mood), flax seeds (for preventing IBS and arthritis), tomatoes (to help prevent breast cancer), cranberries (for preventing urinary infections) and spinach (for reducing swelling and bloating).

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