Seventh-Day Congregation of Theocracy calls for peaceful election


Apostle Kadmiel Emmanuel Hodasi Agbalenyoh, Founder of the Seventh-Day Congregation of Theocracy, has called on Ghanaians to cultivate the spirit of love, peace, harmonious living, mutual tolerance and sustainable development.

He said it was only when Ghanaians longed and desired for peace that they would respect each other’s views and work together for the well-being of all the citizenry.

Apostle Agbalenyoh made the call at the opening of a three-day lecture in Accra on Wednesday.

The lecture was on the theme; “Should Ghana Build A National Shrine for Traditional Religion?”

Apostle Agbalenyoh said Ghanaians would be going to the polls this year and encouraged citizens to eschew all activities that will mar the peaceful conduct of the elections.

He said Ghanaians needed to be prayerful and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and ensure that they lived in mutual respect and love, which would propel prosperity and sustainable development.

The Founder appealed to politician to eradicate hate speech, especially ahead of the election 2020 when they mounted platform.

He said political parties and their supporters should champion issued-based campaign that will promote peace and unity in the country.

“It is very important for political party leaders to focus more or articulate their policies to woo voters rather than to engage in hate speech that divides the country,” Apostle Agbalenyoh said.

He said the Ghana was secular and democratic stated that allowed pluralism of cultures and religions.

He said it was therefore unconstitutional for any religious organizations to prevent the Government from recognizing any other religion.

Apostle Agbalenyoh said if the Government accepts to build a National Cathedral for Christians and a National Mosque for Islam, why not also a National Shrine for Traditional Religion practitioners, he questioned.

“Understand that the traditional worship has existed before the advent of Christianity and Islam,” he said, adding that it was therefore right and constitutional for the Government through Parliament and the Council of State to consider to build a National Shrine for traditional religion and the chieftaincy institution.


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