Associations of sex workers in Madagascar denounced discrimination against them on Thursday on the occasion of UN Zero Discrimination Day.


“We are victims of discrimination in our workplace, including bars, night clubs and hotels. Even our children also suffer from discrimination in school,” the president of sex workers association in Madagascar, Randriamanalina Mbolatiananirina Jeanie, complained during a press conference they held Thursday.
“We are women who stand working to feed our family. Only few people can stand to be professional as sex workers; only few people dare to show that they live with HIV/Aids for fear of discrimination against them. However this fact spread the HIV/AIDS very quickly,” Randriamanalina said.
“When we try to complain for the abuse against us, we are ignored because we are prostitutes, when we go to hospital, some doctors refuse to take care of us because our work are not convenient to their believe,” Rasoanaivo Balou Chabat, president of association Men Sex to Men (MSM) said.
Madagascar adopted law to protect the right of patients of HIV/ AIDS but its practice is not yet evident in the country, Rasoanaivo said.
Data from the National Committee of Fight Against Aids (SE/CNLS) showed that the prevalence rate of Malagasy people aged from 15 to 49 living with HIV/AIDS is relatively low compared to other African countries because it is still 1 percent of the total population in Madagascar.
“Madagascar recorded 200 new seropositives in 2014. The total of people aged from 15 to 49 living with HIV/ AIDS officially recorded in December 2014 were 1191,” the technical officer under the (SE/CNLS) Razafinjato Raminosoa Fara told Xinhua.
However, Firinga Johnson Victorius, president of an association fighting against AIDS “MAD’AIDS” told Xinhua that approximately around 4,000 Malagasy people, including those recorded by SE/CNLS live with HIV/AIDS secretly. Enditem

Source: Xinhua



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